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For sale complete car with no engine. Gearbox and driveshafts included. Just needs engine fitting. Can fit any suitable supplied engine so that car drives away. Fully road legal with MOT until end of Feb 2006. Few months tax. Ideal as a road rally or track car.

-1990 MK2 Astra GTE 8v.
-Interior completely stripped.
-All sound proofing removed.
-Welded in safety devices 6 point roll cage. Includes additional rear bar and optional door bars.
-One week's worth of seam welding. Bulkhead triple skinned, turrets double skinned, triangulation from roll cage to front suspension, box section welded into bulkhead and front of shell. Permanent strut brace welded in. Lower suspension mounting arms seam welded, all engine bay and front wings seam welded, front of sills seam welded. Interior sill seams welded.
-Rear seat mounts removed.
-Bucket seat mounting tubes welded to shell.
-Plate rivetted over sunroof hole.
-Chequer plate rivetted/bolted in driver's side.
-All underside treated with Schutz and Waxoyl.
-Doors delocked.
-No aeriel.
-MK3 clear side repeaters.
-Front grille and fog light holes meshed.
-Custom 8v badges in the style of 16v badges.
-Engine bay painted with enamal paint, Schutz, Waxoyl.
-Sills regularly filled with Waxoyl.

Parts fitted and modifications made:
-Koni sport kit: -40mm springs and top adjustable dampers.
-Cav SRi 15" 5 Spoke alloy wheels with Goodyear F1 tyres.
-Recent bushes, track rod ends, lower ball joints.
-16v rear beam with reconditioned callipers and new discs and pads.
-16v rear anti-roll bars.
-Vectra V6 288mm front discs and callipers with new pads.
-Fully braided brake lines through car.
-In car adjustable bias flow valve to rear brakes.
-Twin master cylinder with in car adjustable brake bias pedal box.
-Powerflex bushes on rear beam.
-Powerflex front anti-roll bar bushes.
-2.5 turn manual quickrack.
-TAS Alloy rack mounts.
-Universal joint linkage to steering column.
-Non adjustable steering column.
-Momo steering wheel boss.
-TAS solid engine mounts.
-F20 gearbox.
-Equal length drive shafts.
-Longlife 2" Stainless Steel system with 2.5" single tail pipe.
-3/4 of a Momo Apache steering wheel (thief damaged).
-2 x Sparco Ultra bucket seats on Sparco sliders, attached to welded seat tubes.
- 2 x clubman harnesses.
-Fire extinguisher.
-Battery box inside car behind passenger seat.
-Fuse box relocated to passenger side.
-All excess wiring removed.
-Dash removed. Custom switch plate. Digi dash retained. Switchable oil/water pressure on digi dash.
-Central locking retained to operate door locks.
-Brand new lock barrel set (Fuel tank, ignition barrel and door locks + 2 new keys).
-Manual window winders.

Negative points:
-Driver's door bent due to attempted theft. Only visible when looking closely.
-Bonnet has some paint blistering from a previous under-bonnet fire. Stone chips to front.
-Tailgate has rust bubbles.
-Spare tailgate and driver's door included in sale (not painted).
-Driver's side rear arch has some rust bubbles.
-Front passenger wing has small dent on front of it.
-Paintwork still shines up nicely when the car is washed, but there are numerous stone chips and a few small scratches.
-Fuel tank has vapour leak. Spare tank ready to go, sprayed with Schutz.
-Engine bay and interior multi coloured (combinations of Hammerite brush on, Zinc Primer, Red Primer, Red spray paint, Schutz, original Vaux metal).

This car was built for driving enjoyment. The emphasis was on making the driving experience direct and enjoyable. This was achieved by making a stiff shell with direct steering, a good suspension kit, good tyres and removing all excess weight.

The lack of weight in the rear coupled with the 16v suspension items makes the car a neutral handler with easy lift off oversteer on any corner. If driven properly then the front and rear tyres show equal wear on the edges. Good tyres, such as the Eagle F1s help.

The 2.5 turn Quickrack makes driving on twisty roads far more enjoyable. The steering is quite heavy when parking, but once the speeds exceed 20mph then the lack of power assistance is not noticeable.

The seam welding and roll cage mean that the suspension soaks up bumps properly, allowing high speeds to be carried over surface undulations. The solid engine mounts improve acceleration, grip when cornering and handling.

The brakes are non servoed, but with Vectra V6 288mm front discs and callipers it is possible to lock up the wheels. The pedal might feel a bit hard at first, but the brakes do work well, and the additional feel makes driving more fun and left foot braking easier. Fully braided lines are used throughout. Brake bias is adjustable from inside the car. An additional rear bias limiting valve is also adjustable from inside the car.

The interior is minimalist. With solid engine mounts and no sound proofing then noise levels are high. Ear plugs are advisable for high speeds or engine rpm. All unecessary electrical tat has been removed. Things such as electric mirrors, electric windows, radio, speakers etc. The Sparco Ultra seats grip your sides snugly and are consequently very comfortable to sit in. With proper welded in seat rails then they allow the driver to really feel what the car is doing. Clubman harnesses The driver's side has Alloy chequer plate rivetted in. The braided fuel lines for the engine run through the car. The battery is located in a battery box behind the passenger seat.

The standard digi dash has been retained. All essential switches have been moved to a central plate.

I've had a lot of fun with this car. After 5 years I've finally decided that I want to move on to the joys of rear wheel drive. I ran it with a 145BHP 2.0 8v engine for many years. I took it on many Evo magazine driving meets in Wales and I was able to easily keep up with various "superior" cars on twisty B roads. The best were a Boxster S and an Elise 111R. The driver's were very surprised. At other times I've mixed it with UK Spec Imprezas, Porsche 944s and the like. It did take a while to evolve the best driving technique for the car.

A standard front wheel drive hatch is usually set up with too much understeer bias. Sorting this and fitting decent tyres and suitably stiffer springs improves the handling by a large amount. Stiffening the shell with a roll cage and seam welding takes this further.

I've enjoyed the car for the last few years but now I've decided it's time to move on. Destroying the engine brought the fun to a halt, and to be honest the fun of the stripped out rawness of it was wearing off, especially since I was using it as my only transport. I can't realistically afford to keep it as a track car or insure it as a second car. Ideally it will be bought by an enthusiast who wants to continue the project. I could see the car used as a road car, for road rallies, as a track car, or rebuilt as a project.

Price: Currently £0.15 on Ebay!

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Photos taken at various times in the last few years:

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