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Fitting a 20SER engine to a Astra using the 18SE ECU

This MAY seem like a straight forward and easy swap, both engine`s look the same but there are some differences which i found out.

The 20ser engine i got was in quite good condition but thought i`d re-build it to MY spec ;).

When i got the 20ser engine built up i found that the sump plug had been "cross threaded" so i had to swap the sump from the 18se which proved VERY usefull in the end......................

When i got the engine out of the Astra (18se) i removed the sump ( had to swap it over ) and just looked at the general condition of the bottom end, then i found the first difference between them both.......

The Crank sensor pick-up ring on the 18se`s CRANK was in sort of 3 cut out degrees BUT the 20ser`s had pick-up teeth all the way round ( the 20ser`s looks like a abs pick-up ring ).

I removed the CRANK from the 18se ( this involves taking the oil pump off, the flywheel etc ) and then REMOVED the crank pick-up ring ( 3, 30 "torx`s" bolts hold it on ) . Did the same on the 20ser engine and swapped the the pick-up rings over. The 20ser pick-up ring went in the bin.

The OTHER difference between the 2 engines are...... the 18se engine has a OIL TEMP sensor just below the alternator BUT the 20ser engine is blanked off where the sensor should be, remove the plug with an "allen key" and swap them over.

IF when the engine is in you find it is making a "pinking noise" removed the wire to the OIL TEMP sensor and it SHOULD be ok.

SO if ya thinking of swapping the 18se for a 20ser TAKE NOTE of the above because IF ya leave the 20ser`s crank sensor pick-up ring on it WILL NOT START!.
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