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Hello guys

this is my first remap i hope to be on the right side

I own an opel meriva A, 1.3 cdti enjoy, 75hp 55kw year 2007

I was able to read ECU ( attached files ) by Ksuite tool and the kessv2
that I bought to try to improve the performance of my car

considering poor recovery and acceleration,fuel consumption, less power while using A/C

My goal is:

more power and torque, reduced fuel consumption, smoother acceleration and improved throttle response

Also, I have the problem of the instrument cluster to be replaced (broken display)
but despite having another one with the same code, once plugged, the car does not start.

So I wonder if in the file just read, there is the possibility to remove this code so that I can replace it without problems instead of using the op-com or op-tech?

can you help me?

Thank you !
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