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Boost gauge fitted came up with some interesting problems...listen to these

1st gear holding 15psi upto 3500-4000rpm..and then drops to 11psi

2nd gear similar situation but about 12psi after 4000rpm

3rd gear and the car is running 14psi max boost.

4th gear running 15 psi no problems.

5th gear 15-16psi

6th gear foot to the floor above 3000rpm 16 psi constant.

What do you reckon actuator [email protected]!ked?????

just thought I would let you know.

Also had a brain storm today and spent £600 on a intercooler (as recommended by the guy at Wallace) he reckons the 8.1 litre intercooler will benefit to no end!!!

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The fact that you can reach top boost in 1st gear shows that the 1st gear limit has been removed. This aint bad, but jus to let you know for future reference.

Normally, when you first floor the accelerator there is a small period of "overboost" (2-5secs tops) and then the boost will fall a few psi for "normal boost". Also, as the revs increase the boost will normally tail off.

Your setup is showin that the Superchip is setup to run as constant a boost as possible at all times and is probably all set entirely by the actuator.

TBH, your boost levels seem fine. Boost is dependant on the load on the engine as well. Its a helluva lot easier for the engine to rev in 2nd gear than it is in 4th/5th/6th gear so the revs rise too quickly to keep or even reach a constant 15-16psi boost.

I would say there nothing wrong with your actuator.

Are the results taken when you think there is a lack of power or when you feel the car is working fine ??

Wise choice fitting that intercooler. Gavin (Wallace Performance) will give you a good deal on anything for the car. Jus give him an email/call and he will get back to you with a better price than anywhere.

Should take you about 2 hours to fit the intercooler.

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