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These can be bought in three separate stages. Firstly just a back box, then the full system including cat pipe if necessary, then the manifold.

Normally the back box and full system is enough for most road cars as the standard manifold is normally the best for the car. It normally gives a good balance between power, torque and driveability. The standard manifold will sometimes prove to give better economy than other performance manifolds.

Most exhausts will be either mild steel or stainless steel. Stainless steel exhausts do not normally rust and normally have unlimited warranty on them, whereas a mild steel exhaust will only have a certain period of time or mileage warranty on it.

A lot of performance exhausts are available from the normal array of retailers, but there are a few companies who build specialist exhausts for race cars and cars which demand a special exhaust.

The main idea of an exhaust and air filter combination is to allow the head to breathe more efficiently and allow gases to flow quicker. This will allow the engine to work harder and produce more power.

Performance Exhausts

If you are not planning on doing any major mods, the standard manifold will be fine. Buy a good free flowing system such as a Magnex, Scorpion, Piper etc. If your car has a cat and was produced before August 1993, the catalytic converter can be removed gaining around 5bhp, this can be done with the standard system by using a cat replacement pipe such as those made by Piper. If you plan on doing any major mods, a 2.5 inch bore exhaust is recommended. These will have a larger exhaust manifold and typically a 2.5" diameter main system will free flowing silencers. These larger systems can be noisy and if not used with major modifications can cause a loss in power.
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