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right , recently my sportex exhaust has completely fallen apart and is blowing and rattling all over the shop, on inspection it appears the centre section is fecked.

this got me thinking, the centre section is a pipe which runs from the end of the down pipes (connected via a flange) and runs to the over axle peice with a centre box in line, now i can get the tubing to make this section myself minus the box of course (but i dont want that any way), but i cant make the bends which are quite minor .

i have rung my local powerflow to see if they could make the tube using my old exhaust as a template, but they werent too helpfull , saying they wanna do it on the car, which i want too avoid as it will get expensive and i dont see the point of paying silly money for what is basicaly a bit of metal tubing.

can any one help
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