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There's a noise from my engine which has always been there, I mind posting a video of it perhaps two years ago not long after I got the car. I ended up deciding it was just the design of this diesel engine (facelift 3.0d v6). But recently it's got louder and I'm not sure if it is something of concern. I change the oil and filter every six months with good quality oil and I only use BP Ultimate.

It is most obvious when sitting idling and there's an object to the side of me or when cruising at low speed because the revs are pretty much ticking over.

If I've been driving a little spirited then it's much worse when I return to low speeds and almost sounds like big ends (although not as loud) as it increases with the revs. It's hard to film this though.

In the video below I can hear the typical diesel engine sound which I'm fine with, but it's that additional repetitive dunk dunk dunk dunk noise which is much slower and it will increase with revs until about 1300rpm+ where it either goes away or the engine is too loud to hear it.

It goes away at 10 seconds as I rev it up, but then at 13/14 seconds when the revs have dropped you can hear it return quite clearly.

Could this be crank related or is it just noisy injectors or something?
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