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posted an earlier thread regarding an EM light problem, basically it NEVER comes on, not even when first turn the key.

Ive since replaced the EM bulb and checked the blue/brown wire that supplies the feed to the light, and the connection is good.

i tried some mates digital clocks in my astra whose EM light always comes on in his car......but the light doesnt come on when i put them in my car.

why doesnt the light come on?where could the problem lie?

i have a 2L 16v gte, though it has been converted from either a 2L 8v or a 1.8L has a MOTRONIC ECU.

An earlier reply from Andy K told me to look for a 3 wire plug near ECU, which isnt there, probably because it is not an original 2L gte.

where does the blue brown wire go upon entering the wiring loom from back of clocks? does it go straight to ECU?
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