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I have a 2001 corsa 1.8 which has an electical problem, the engine man light is on all the time. When cold, the car is fine, but when the engine gets to around 85ish deg C (usually in traffic jams etc) it misfires anyware in the rev range continuously, strangly at this point the traction control light comes on too!

Then, when I get on a main road and start moving and the engine then cools, the misfire completely disappers and the traction control light goes off (but engine man light stays on).

I had it in at my local garage today and they said it needs to go back to vauxhall for a new ECU, is this just a "I'm not sure what the problem is so take it to vauxhall" blag?

Their machine said the error was '0202 Injector valve cylinder 2 open circuit'

Can anyone help me before I have to spend 500 notes at Vauxhall!?!
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