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VW Jetta GTi:
VW 1.8 block:
B+ head 2.0 8v:
SBD twin carb manifold 2.0 8v:
Cam box 2.0 8v:

8v hydraulic lifters:
8v Piper vernier pulley:
Dellorto twin 40 DHLA carbs:
4:1 exhaust manifold 2.0 8v:
Kent cam kit 2.0 8v AST14K:

Golf MK2 GTi steering wheel:
Earth strap:
2.0 8v thermostat housing:
Central locking ECU:
Std Astra/Cav fuel pump:

Astra GTE smoked rear lights:
Astra Quickrack:
Twin 40/45 trumpets:
Dellorto throttle linkage:
Pipercross filters for carbs/throttle bodies:

Red top pump:
Glass fuel filter:
Adjustable FPR:
Misab plates for carbs:
Fuel line T piece:

2.0 8v/16v carb conversion distributer, custom weighted.
2.0 8v/16v carb conversion distributer cap and rotor arm:
Spare rotor arm for above:
8v rocker cover gasket:
HT leads 2.0 8v:

Helix clutch:
High flow fuel filter:
Astra complete car:
Starter motor:

Gearbox cover plate 1:
Gearbox cover plate 2:
Clutch cover plate:
Baffle plate:

Oil pick up pipe:
Lightened crank pulley:
SBD oil gear and Nylon relief valve:
Oil pressure sender 1:
Oil pressure sender 2:

Dip stick:
Water pipes:
Crank oil seal ring:
Oil cooler sandwich plate bolt:
16v block to 8v head conversion plug:

New rear brake shoes:
3 tins of underseal:
1 can of plastic primer, 1 can of Grey plastic paint:
1 can of high temperature Black paint:
Waxoyl and Wax Oil sprayer kits:

Astra windscreen washer bottle:
Astra heater fan:
Check control ECU:
Check control ECU 2:

Check control display:
Check control display 2:
Astra MK2 clock:
Central locking ECU:
500Hz horn:

500Hz Horn 2:
420Hz Horn:
420Hz Horn 2:
Astra Mk2/Mk3 brake servo:
Coolant header tank Astra:

Astra MK2 windscreen wiper motor:
Ignition key and barrel:
ABS pump unit for Astra/Cav/Calibra:
ABS master cylinder Astra/Cavalier/Calibra:
Non ABS master cylinder Astra MK2/MK3 and Cavalier:

Astra GTE rear wiper motor:
Power steering reservoir Astra etc:
Power steering reservoir 2:
Astra MK2 ABS relay:
Astra electric window switches:

Astra Mk2/Mk3 PAS rack:

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I've almalgamated all the interesting auctions into this link page.

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More bits added. 108 items on Ebay at the moment!

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Car is not being broken yet though! Those parts are engine and Astra spares. I am talking to a few potential buyers for the complete car. I was pondering keeping it and putting an engine in the back.

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Tom, do you have any of the horn loom? Im sure it has a relay somewhere in it, I cant get both to work in my Corsa!

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Quite a few auctions ended tonight. Check the final prices. I'm well pleased.

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Im quite happy with my buys (manifold & cam) saves me sum bucks on new items,, Cheers Tom

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Don't think so. Cav racks are different from MK2/MK3 Astra.On EPC anyway.
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