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Due to a fairly recent large demand to wanting this setup, I've been flooded with PM's all asking the same questions lmao - I don't mind helping out anyone, but found typing the same thing again is now doing me in :p

So here's a step by step guide to what I done. Maybe better ideas so please add them if you wish :D


1. Firstly remove the K16 turbo.

2. Remove the oil feed from the back of the block

Oil Feed

3. Now cut away the braided section of the oil feed. Measure this up against the oil pipe supplied in the kit and cut to the same length.

4. I popped to Pirtek and had them swage on the new braided pipe, to the solid pipe section of the original oil feed cost £5.

5. Bolt new oil feed to back of block.


Turbo and Manifold

6. Now bolt together the new turbo and manifold, leaving the wastegate off for the moment.

7. Once assembled - attach to the engine.

8. Join the new oil feed to the turbo.

9. Cut to length the new rubber oil return pipe and jubilee onto turbo.


Old Water Feed and Return

10. The water feed and return to and from the K16 can be either joined together so the water from the rad is pumped straight back to the header, OR you can block both the rad and header off. Up to you that one.


Boost pipes and Intake pipe

11. Attach the turbo to intercooler boost pipe
( I found that the existing one from the K16 were fine, only that the 90 degree which attaches to the turbo needed to be 60mm)

12. Inlet pipe from the AMM to turbo will need to be custom made (see pics below for mine)



13. Now add the Wastegate - making sure you clear the radiator.

(ON mine I pushed back the radiator on the righthand side and made a new bracket using the slam panel) You can use the XE rad.



14. Last but not least the exhaust - I personally chose powerflow to join the downpipe supplied to my existing mongoose system. They also made up a screamer pipe.


Amal Valve

Firstly - run the feed from the turbo to the amal valve - I got a 'nipple' welded into my boost piping to the intercooler and ran a vacum hose upto the amal valve.

Second - run the feed to what would have been the actuator to the nipple on the wastegate thats situated in the casting (first one on top). Use the other section of braided hose supplied in the kit. Cut one end off and run a vacum hose inside the main pipe and attach the other end to the amal valve.

Third - When overboosting, nothing is sent to the wastegate so gets bled off to the breather pipe on the inlet side of the K16 turbo. On this new setup I ran another vacum pipe from the amal valve to another nipple welded into the intake pipe on the amm - this way it gets re-circulated as per the normal setup as it's already been metered :D

Can't be arsed now - but will post pics tomorrow of all the components ;)

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*wayne451 slaps himself for spamming the arse out of another thread! :(*

I hope to be in the market for one prior to summer! :) Was yours running that blower on the TV shootout? :confused:

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Good thread :beer:

If you'd like it hosting with pics, let me know and you can put a hyperlink in your signature.
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