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took a few pics of the B+Q "idle control valve" today for those that have revving issues at tickover..

this part is freely avaliable from your B+Q for around £2, it can be threaded into the std LET/XE top hat

the valve will prevent the ECU from reving the car up to 3000rpm or whatever at idle, it will not prevent the car starting or acting normally it will just limit the amount of air passing through the ICV hence limit the maximum RPM the ICV can increase idle to

this is not a cure for idle problems its a mask to stop your engine being damaged if the car wants to rev to 4000rpm when you start it in the morning or when it decides to start reving up when pulling up at traffic lights and stuff

it is also an option for more serious modders when using aftermarket management systems without enough outputs to run a ICV, its a far better option than drilling the throttle plate eh!

i just screwed mine directly into the top hat without a tap, the ally is as **** as the stock version and the steel valve cuts right in ((remove the top hat, install valve and then clean it out!) i also used some sealant on the threads

now, if your ICV starts to try to rev up beyond say...1200rpm that pipe leading to the new valve will now be under vacume so get a bit of fuel pipe and shove it right down there!, it will stop when it hits the ICV..pull it back out about 3 inches, cut it and shove it back in :eek:

fit the ICV hose to the new valve, open valve fully (horisontal position) start car from cold....wait for revs to go stable and adjust the RPM to 900RPM and then back open past the 980PRM (iirc?) standard tickover level

it may take a few "tweeks" to get the minium opening on the ICV to allow good cold start and give the maximum over-rev protection at idle when warm

if you have removed the ICV due to aftermarket management system then you cant shove the boost pipe down the hose as it may be sucked into the manifold...i used the old oil feed hose from the KKK turbo

low idle can be corrected via the screw on the pedal inside the car.....this will also stop the car revving up as the ICV is not used when revs are above 1001rpm and the tps shows the throttle open (even if only very slightly open) so you can stop the car revving up via this method to get you home but idle rpm is slightly increased (still better than revving to 2000rpm or more eh!)

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