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Dave's Astra G with Car PC (aka Dave One) Progress Thread

I have been a long serving member on the Astra Owners Club (AOC) and more recently on Astra Owners Network (AON) but wanted to share my progress thread with a wider community. As such, I have duplicated my auto-biography here :).

Here it goes............

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Vauxhall Astra SXi 2001 1.6 16v

This Autobiography thread is to detail the modifications to my Astra G SXi. The main modification is the install of a Touchscreen Car PC to provide a range of features (listed below).

The car itself is an Astra SXi 2001 1.6 16v.

Car PC General

Car PC Features

Front End Interface


Satellite Navigation

Engine Management Information

Internet Browsing

Synchronisation (Wifi, USB or authorised source)

Petrol Price Information


Car PC Hardware

The first install of the Car PC required the screen to be attached using a bracket until I could fabricate the dash.

The dash was later fabricated and the air vents blocked. The hazard switch had to be relocated to the cigarette lighter location.


Intel Atom D945GCLF2
Western Digital Scorpio Blue 320GB 2.5” Hard Disk Drive
Panasonic DVD/CD-RW Drive
M2-ATX DC-DC Regulated Intelligent Power Supply
Voom PC-2 Enclosure

Screen and USB Devices

Xenarc 700TSV 7” Touchscreen Monitor
Belkin 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub (for 700TSV, BU-353, Elm327 and Griffin Powermate)
Globalsat BU-353 GPS Receiver Module
Elm327 OBDII Interface Unit
Griffin Powermate

Creative SoundBlaster MP3+ External USB Soundcard
Belkin 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub (for 4 Spare Ports, 2 accessible on dash)
USB Wireless Keyboard
USB Drive
Buffalo High Gain Wireless Antenna

M1-ATX DC-DC Regulated Intelligent Power Supply
Custom Enclosure for M1-ATX(supplying power for 700TSV, Elm327 and 2xUSB Hubs)

Switch and Power Indication

DTDP Rocker Switch (for Ignition and Permanent 12v Switching)
System Power On LED
Maintenance/Refuelling LED (flashing)
Fused Distribution Blocks

Car PC Software

Windows XP Pro SP3
RideRunner (Petrol and Upd8 Plugins)
Sygic Satellite Navigation
Palmer Performance Engineering DashCommand

Other Modifications

Cruise control stalk and clutch switch retrofitted

Hazard switch relocated to cigarette lighter position

Programmable VW intermittent wiper relay
Indicator flasher module (lane changing 4 flashes) fitted
Vectra C auto-dimming rear view mirror fitted

Corsa C sunglasses holder fitted

Traction control switch and panel fitted (TC switch will be for refuelling PC 10 minute ‘push and forget activation’)

MID stalk fitted

Future Modifications

Vectra C intake mod
GSI headlight fit
Insignia washer jets mod
MID (three line trip computer) retrofit
Front flat wiper blades mod
Rear flat wiper blade mod
Fog and flash relay retrofit
Light on delay retrofit
TC switch for refuelling PC 10 minute ‘push and forget activation’

That's all for now and I would welcome PMs.

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An update already (more a remind or encourage me 'to-do' list.)

Vectra C intake mod - Parts already acquired and awaiting fitment.
GSI headlight fit - Ordered from AOC member and should be in the post.
Insignia washer jets mod - Parts already acquired and awaiting fitment.
MID (three line trip computer) retrofit - Some parts already acquired but need to sort out a 32-pin plug and I'm making a patch lead to allow 'return to standard'.
Coolant and washer sensors - Ordered from AOC member and should be in the post.
Front flat wiper blades mod - Need to find some Mk5 blades.
Rear flat wiper blade mod - Need to find a Veccy C rear wiper arm.
Fog and flash relay retrofit - Need to get from totalclosure but not opposed to recycling if I can find one on a breakers car.
Light on delay retrofit - Need to get from totalclosure but not opposed to recycling if I can find one on a breakers car.
TC switch for refuelling PC 10 minute ‘push and forget activation’ - Circuit fully working, just needs building and fitting.

Longer term modifications

Forgot to mention two longer term mods. I'm want to lower the car - next time anything needs doing to the shocks or springs I'll probably go the 'whole nine yards' and a rear spoiler (not GSi but like you see on some SXi's) would make the car look much better.

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ECU OBDII diagnostics

I have been asked to supply some information about the ECU OBDII data received by my Elm327 OBDII Interface Unit. Incidently, I bought the unit off eBay 2 years ago and trader is no longer listed but it is only a 'China cheapo' bought for £13.09 inc postage. I wish I had the funds to buy better but that said it's lasted ok so can't complain .

The Elm327 OBDII Interface Unit is currently hardwired into the back of the OBDII port, underneath the handbrake panel, with ground and ISO 9141-2 (K-Line) data line on pin 4 and 7 respectively. The pins were removed and the Interface Unit wires where soldered on and the pins refitted. The 12v is switched in from the Car PC power supply to give me (1) a stable 12v supply and (2) operation of Interface Unit only when the Car PC is on and the user has selected it (can be left on so its on whenever the Car PC is on). The following information can be 'milked' from the ECU and Palmer Performance Engineering software was used to generate PID list.

Parameter Identifier (PID) / Name / Category / Priority
ACRF_SUP / A/C system refrigerant monitoring support / Emissions / 3
AIR_SUP / Secondary air system monitoring support / Emissions / 3
CAT_RDY / Catalyst monitoring / Emissions / 3
CAT_SUP / Catalyst monitoring / Emissions / 3
CCM_RDY / Comprehensive component monitoring status / Emissions / 3
CCM_SUP / Comprehensive component monitoring support / Emissions / 3
DTC_CNT / Number of emissions related DTCs stored in ECU / DTCs / 3
DTCFRZF / DTC that caused required frame data storage / DTCs / 3
ECT / Engine coolant temperature / Temperature / 2
EGR_SUP / EGR system monitoring support / Emissions / 3
EVAP_RDY / Evaporative system monitoring status / Emissions / 3
EVAP_SUP / Evaporative system monitoring support / Emissions / 3
FUEL_RDY / Fuel system monitoring status / Emissions / 3
FUEL_SUP / Fuel system monitoring support / Emissions / 3
FUELSYS1 / Fuel system 1 status / Fuel / 3
FUELSYS2 / Fuel system 2 status / Fuel / 3
HCAT_SUP / Heated catalyst monitoring support / Emissions / 3
HTR_RDY / Oxygen sensor heater monitoring status / Emissions / 3
HTR_SUP / Oxygen sensor heater monitoring support / Emissions / 3
IAT / Air intake temperature / Temperature / 2
LOAD_PCT / Calculated load value / General / 1
LONGFT1 / Long term fuel trim – Bank 1 / Fuel / 1
LONGFT3 / Long term fuel trim – Bank 3 / Fuel / 1
MAF / Air flow rate from Mass air flow sensor / Airflow / 1
MAP / Intake manifold absolute pressure / Airflow / 1
MIL / Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) status / DTCs / 3
MIL_DIST / Distance travelled whilst MIL is activated / DTCs / 3
MIS_RDY / Misfire monitoring status / Emissions / 3
MIS_SUP / Misfire monitoring support / Emissions / 3
O2S11.O2SV / Oxygen sensor voltage bank 1 – Sensor 1 / O2 / 3
O2S11.SHRTFT / Oxygen sensor short term fuel trim bank 1 – Sensor 1 / O2 / 3
O2S12.O2SV / Oxygen sensor voltage bank 1 – Sensor 2 / O2 / 3
O2S_RDY / Oxygen sensor monitoring status / Emissions / 3
O2S_SUP / Oxygen sensor monitoring support / Emissions / 3
O2SLOC11 / Oxygen sensor location bank 1 – Sensor 1 / O2 / 3
O2SLOC12 / Oxygen sensor location bank 2 – Sensor 2 / O2 / 3
O2SLOC13 / Oxygen sensor location bank 2 – Sensor 3 / O2 / 3
O2SLOC14 / Oxygen sensor location bank 2 – Sensor 4 / O2 / 3
O2SLOC21 / Oxygen sensor location bank 2 – Sensor 1 / O2 / 3
O2SLOC22 / Oxygen sensor location bank 2 – Sensor 2 / O2 / 3
O2SLOC23 / Oxygen sensor location bank 2 – Sensor 3 / O2 / 3
O2SLOC24 / Oxygen sensor location bank 2 – Sensor 4 / O2 / 3
OBDSUP / On-board diagnostic system type / Emission / 3
RPM / Engine RPM / Speed / 1
SHRTFT1 / Short term fuel trim – bank 1 / Fuel / 1
SHRTFT3 / Short term fuel trim – bank 3 / Fuel / 1
SPARKADV / Ignition timing advance for #1 cylinder / Spark / 1
TP / Absolute throttle position / General / 1
VSS / Vehicle speed sensor / Speed / 1

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More ECU OBDII diagnostics

I have change the ECU OBDII diagnostics skin from my 'kind of' custom attempt to a proper dashboard set that I was the first person in Europe to test for Palmer Performance Engineering .

The following information is from the Palmer Performance Engineering website dedicated to their software skins ( Some, not many, PIDs are not available on my Astra......

This set of dashbaords includes the following gauges and features:

Performance dashboard:
- engine speed with sweeping bar
- corrected vehicle speed
- current fuel system in use (open or closed loop)*
- accelerator pedal position*
- throttle position*
- boost / vacuum combo gauge with maximum vacuum and maximum boost values
- acceleration (and braking)
- power at wheels with optional drag correction (air & tire)**
- torque at wheels**

Fuel economy / consumption dashboard:
- instantaneous fuel ecomony / consumption
- average fuel economy / consumption
- average fuel economy / consumption over 3 time periods
- distance to empty *
- time to empty *
- fuel level % *
- volume of fuel remaining in tank *
- fuel flow rate gauge with current, average, minumum and maximum values

Trip computer dashboard:
- 5 monitored trips; custom A and B trips, Today, Previous Day, and Fillup
- distance travelled
- fuel consumed
- average fuel economy / consumption
- fuel cost
- elapsed time
- drive time
- average carbon dioxide emission rate
- total carbon dioxide emission
- start date & time
- number of fillups
- average fuel flow rate
- average driving speed
- average trip speed
- average boost/vacuum
- average engine speed
- maximum acceleration
- maximum engine power at wheels
- number of stops
- maximum fuel flow rate
- maximum speed
- idle time
- maximum boost/vacuum
- maximum engine speed
- maximum braking acceleration
- maximum engine torque
- percent distance travelled while not in gear
- percent distance travelled in each gear
- percent distance travelled in non-optimal gear
- percent time spent while not in gear
- percent time spent in each gear
- percent time spent while in a non-optimal gear

Engine metrics dashboard 1:
- timing (spark avdance) *
- engine coolent temperature *
- intake air temperature
- ambient air temperature *
- manifold absolute pressure
- mass air flow

Engine metrics dashboard 2:
- fuel trims, short and long term (banks 1 to 4) *
- percent engine load *
- catalyst temperature *
- fuel rail pressure wwith two scales, low and high *
- lambda gauge with commanded and actual readings *
- air / fuel ration gauge *

Shifting and gear dashboard:
- current gear
- suggested gear based on speed
- shift indicator
- shifting and gear map

Fillup dashboard:
- record fuel tank fillup events
- calibrates the fuel economy / consumption calculations
- allows input of the fuel price

* requires that the vehicle supports the underlying parameter ID.
** curb weight must be specified in the vehicle settings

More updates to follow. I'm hoping to produce a more detailed post about the Car PC power supplies and I have some other parts turn up today.

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Headlamps - Rollercoaster effect

Before we start I just want to remind people this is an autobiography thread which is to document the 'world through my eyes'. No blame is being directed to anyone - its just my experience.....

I decided it was time for a cheap but effective modification to the exterior of the car. I've been looking at headlamps for a while and decided take the plunge on a set of GSI smoked headlamps from a coupe being broken for spares. The GSI smoked headlamps were advertised as drivers side good but passenger having one broken but glued top bracket and one totally broken bottom bracket (still with the headlamp). No problem - I'll be able to fix that.........

They arrived in good time and well wrapped. This is where I got on the rollercoaster. I was impressed with the look of the GSI smoked headlamps. UP!

Drivers side in 'good nick'. UP more!

Passenger side initially looked to be as described. LEVELLING OUT!

Noticed the stone chip (not mentioned but guess could be losely covered by 'usual wear and tear'). Going DOWN!

and the top bracket that was glued was looking a little worse for wear. Reaching full DOWN speed.

At this stage almost what I was expecting repair-wise...........but then I realised the result of the damage caused when the bottom bracket broke and the attempt at a previous repair. Back DOWN to the bottom.........

As a result I've decided it not worth the 'time and effort' and have had to regretably abandon the headlamp repair :(. I've already managed to source another pair and I'm fairly certain this set will be good :). Going back UP!

I must stress that I don't feel 'hard done by' or 'fooled' by the seller, in fact quite the opposite. We had a good line of communication and would blame my niavity before blaming anyone else. That's just the way it goes - you win some and you lose some.

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Car PC Reverse Camera

I should go back to the Car PC again to update you on the latest development there to. I treated myself to a cheap reverse camera that has sat around for months. I finally got around to testing it on the Car PC and it worked well - the test was limited.

Eventually, when fitted it will sit centrally just underneath the rear bumper (obviously!). The 12v line will be provide from the reverse light 12v feed and the monitor automatically switches AV channel when it detects a signal feed.

I'm hoping to construct a deflector shield to prevent stone/debris damage and reduce the amount of water forced onto it. This is a problem I've been thinking about since I got the reverse camera and should really 'get my act together' to sort it out. It'll be a cool little feature once complete.

More to follow soon..............

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Update - MID conversion parts almost all together now

I received a MID from Farmer69 about 4 weeks ago . I haven't tested it yet but the photos supplied prior to sale show it working ok and I have no reason to suspect otherwise.

The search began for a 32-pin MID connector (as some of you that are selling/breaking parts will know - I think I must have PM'd the whole community in search of the connector and associated cable). I came across a VW part (big thanks to pecky) for a virtually identical 32-pin connector with part number 1J09729770. The cost is £1.87 + VAT . Robbie601 has successfully used this connector and a hack MFD 12-pin donor for pins and wire to power his MID, however he was unfortunate to find a pixel dead.........unlucky Rob and after all that effort - I'll keep my eye out for a reasonable priced MID for you ;).

As you can see, a very close if not identical match :).

After buying the VW part you can guess what happened..................a breakthrough with a AOC member prepared to supply the connector. ChrisR you are a legend, and I insist you forward your Paypal address for postage costs and a beer token .

Happy days. I've just got to start the loom and prepare the coolant header and screen wash coolant tanks and sensors (thanks emc4raz), which should be waiting for me at work on Monday - I've been away for the week.

Update - Car PC

Further to the development of my converted TC switch to act as a 'push and forget' refuelling power switch, thus allowing the Car PC to remain on for 8 minutes without the ignition on and revert to ignition following after, I'm looking at options to remotely trigger the Car PC. The remote trigger will allow the Car PC to boot whilst I'm loading the car or indoors putting my shoes on. I'll keep you updated on this as it'll be unique and I have a fellow Car PCer writing the C code specifically for the control of this function :).

I've had a few requests about the cost of a car PC so I'm looking at producing a rough price guide over the next couple of weeks.

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Small update

I went over to Millsyiddo's today to replace my front discs and pads. We had to abandon this attempt. All was not lost as I picked up these lights.......

More to follow...............

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An items purchased update

I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time last friday evening and got an OPC Grill from Lightning Coupe (Thanks matey ;)). Lightning also supplied me with a pair of GSI smoked headlights in very good condition and a set of HIDs (with adapters) for them. I'm one extremely happy AOC member :).

I have also ordered a Total closure unit from Planty at The unit will have the following features:

Total closure
Lights on delay - unlock and deadlock - 30 seconds
Fogs on delay - unlock and deadlock - 10 seconds
Flash n fogs built into the fogs on delay relay

I've just got to find the time and weather to fit all this.........:)

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Rear Wiper Mod

The rear wiper blade had a split and needed replacing for the MOT. After recently fitting flatblades to the front I thought it would be good to do the Vectra C rear wiper mod. The wiper arm and blade cost me £21 in all.

The original rear wiper.

The brand new Vectra C rear wiper arm and blade.

Modding the Vectra C rear wiper arm to fit :).

The Vectra C rear wiper mod complete :).

A nice easy little mod. The rear screen has never been so quiet and clean..........

MOT today

I was dreading the MOT, as I do twice a year (I have a Ford Focus too) but needn't have worried. I got an advisory for brake pipe corrision but that was all, needless to say I was very happy :D.

Headlights, HIDs and Grill next :)

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Smoked repeaters........

I got some smoked repeaters from Beeson1987 (thanks fella). Arrived yesterday and fitted today. I'm still trying to decide whether they suit the car or not.......

More to come, when I get time....................I'm off on an expedition this week walking the West Highland Way so no more updates for a week or two .

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GSi Smoked Headlights and HIDs fitted

I finally got around to the GSi smoked headlights and HIDs that I attempted the other week. I had to get a rounded torx screw out from the wheel arch. First I attempted using a dremel disc to cut a line in the head to fit a flatblade screwdriver but I ended up cutting the head off in the end.........

Eventually got the bumper partially removed to change the headlights and fit the HIDs in the dipped (driving) H7R and the full (main) HB3/9005. What a difference when driving in the lanes across the Fens.

I'm having some issues with condensation in the headlights at the moment but hope it'll burn off after some use.

Car PC Refuelling Power Module designed and fitted

I have been designing a Car PC power refuelling module to allow my Car PC to remain up and running on a fuel stop without having to switch to permanent live (maintenance mode). This approach provides the benefit of having to remember to switch back on return to the car after the fuel stop.

The module works by pressing the TC switch with the Car PC already active, thus triggering the Timer Delay Relay (TDR) with a temporary earth. The TDR is set to 8 minutes (should be easily enough time to fuel and pay) which illuminate the TC switch (to show the TDR is active) and feeds the permanent 12v through the 5-Pin Relay (5PR) whilst holding open with the same 12v. When the TDR expires the 5PR reverts to the mode of operation currently in use - if I'm driving the ignition live (normal mode) will retain control, or if I'm parked up the PC will commence shutdown sequence. I'm pleased with the performance of it and thank ace275 for the supply of both the TDR and 5PR.

I've decided that the black repeaters are not for me and will get some GM smoked repeaters. Total closure unit and OPC grill next up.

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Car PC components list with approx prices

I know I promised this a little while back. I have finally found time to sit down and write it all out. I've probably missed a few things but have managed to capture all the major components .

PC Power supplies

M1-ATX DC-DC Power Supply (Screen, OBDII and USB hub PSU in customer enclosure) £30 and £20 for enclosure
M2-ATX DC-DC Power Supply (PC PSU in the VoomPC-2 enclosure) £30

PC Enclosure

VoomPC-2 Enclosure £60
Intel D945GCLF2 Atom2 Mini-ITX mainboard with 2GB DDR2 RAM £90
320Gb Western Digital Scorpio 2.5” SATAII HDD £35
Panasonic CW-8121-B slim slot DVD drive £30

Touchscreen Monitor

Xenarnc TSV700 7” Touchscreen £140

USB Hub devices (USB1)

Belkin USB 2.0 hub F5U234 £10
Globalsat BU-353 GPS Receiver £35
Griffin Technology USB Powermate Media Controller £20
ELM327 OBDII Interface Unit £20
USB Xenarnc TSV700 7” Touchscreen Control

USB Hub. 4 Spare USB ports for user (USB2)

Belkin USB 2.0 hub F5U234 £10

Audio (USB3)

Creative Soundblaster MP3+ External USB Sound Card £20
Ground Loop Isolater £10
Pioneer IP-Bus Aux Cable £10
Pioneer DEH-P2600R Head Unit £40

Wifi (USB4)

Buffalo WLI-U2-SG54HG Wireless-G High Gain USB 2.0 Adapter £25


DPDT valet switch £5
Car PC ‘Press and forget’ refuelling timer delay in enclosure £20
Cabling (USB, VGA, power and switching) and adaptors £50
Fused power distribution block and fuses £20
Custom Car PC boot compartment protection (to be carpeted) £5

The Car PC has cost a total of £675 to reach the current specification. It should be noted that the Car PC has been modified over time as the initially install was a very basic set-up. I have often traded components (with obvious losses), on an affordability basis, to reach the current specification - and will no doubt continue to do so…………….

Planned Car PC modifications

I have recently procured an OZC Core Series V2 Solid State Drive (SSD) 30GB. This drive will host the Operating System (nLited Windows XP Pro) and applications. The 320GB Western Digital Scorpio Blue 2.5" SATAII HDD will host the media files.

In all honesty, I have only ever had one 'blue screen of death' due to road conditions (a big old pothole that wasn't there the week before!), and the move to SSD is more about performance, particularly boot time, than protecting the Car PC from the road conditions.

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Totalclosure unit fitted

I had the day off work today and took the opportunity to install (well, 90% there!) my totalclosure unit today. I bought the totalclosure unit from Planty at with the following specification:
  • Total Closure on deadlock.
  • Side lights on delay for 30 seconds on unlock and deadlock.
  • Front fog lights on delay for 10 seconds on unlock and deadlock.
The customer service has been excellent from Planty and I would recommend him. Thanks Planty .

The totalclosure unit isn't fully fitted yet as I need to connect the front fogs but I'll update very soon about that as I have been working on another project that integrates with the totalclosure unit......

Oh, and my OZC Core Series V2 Solid State Drive (SSD) 30GB turned up yesterday along with a USB radio that I'm hoping to install into the Car PC very soon :).

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Fog Control Circuit installed

This is to complete the Totalclosure install as well as add extra functionality. The Totalclosure unit has a sidelight and fog lamp delay circuit included (at extra cost), as described in the previous post. I wanted the ability to have the fog lamps to come on as normal, with Totalclosure command and with main (full) beam.

I made up the following circuit to meet the specified requirements whilst negating the need to remove or solder to the back of the fuse and relay board:

The circuit is housed in a Maplin project box and uses the front fog relay and the wiper relay. The three rocker switches are to enable the cancelling of the function, as required. The diodes are there to prevent feedback and parallel paths within the lighting circuits, although the Totalclosure unit is protected against this. The main concern was the mains coming on with the Totalclosure commanded unlock and deadlock functions.

Here are the pics of the Fog Control Circuit.

I haven't got any pics of the connection to the relay board (I will post some) but I have essentially used spade connectors (of the appropiate size - check the relay when its out) and the fly lead goes off into the area forward of the fusebox.

I'm very pleased with the results, and just need to get the HIDs in the fogs to complete the triple HID install (normal/main/fogs) :).

Car PC update

Nothing has progress on the Car PC as yet apart from winning an Elmscan 5 engine diagnostic interface unit to replace my Elm327 eBay special interface unit :).

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Electric/heated GM wing mirrors fitted

I fitted some electric/heated GM mirrors just before christmas. The electric wing mirror wiring was not fitted as part of the door wiring loom so I had to replace the door looms too. The door loom replacement itself wasn't too bad but I opted to do it in sub-zero temperatures which made it seem worse. Needless to say the second door loom was changed in half the time as I knew what I was doing after the experiance of the first door.

Sorry, no pics this time but we all know what the wing mirrors look like .

Opelising mod, almost good to go...

I have almost acquired all the Opel Blitz badges required for Opelising (which I feel is necessary for the fitting the Opel OPC grill - I'm not keen on the griffin conversion if I'm honest). In addition to the grill, I have sourced the boot and wheel centre cap badges, with the steering wheel badge source identified which just leaves the mudflaps.............

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Opel OPC Grill fitted

At long last I have got around to fitting my Opel OPC Grill. I've been holding off until I have all the other badges required to 'Opelise'. I almost have all the parts I require so have started the change :).

I had a minor issue with the bonnet not closing properly after the gril change but that turned out to be the rubber adjusters on the bonnet needing a little fine tuning. The car is really dirty from two weeks going through the lanes to work but here are the pics anyway......

HIDs Fog Lamps installed

I've been keen to complete the triple HID install of dipped (H7R), main (HB3) and fog (H3) lamps. The front bumper was came off fairly easily but the three lower fastener needed some encouragement . I wanted to keep the OEM wiring for returning to standard.

The first task was to ensure the HID wiring harness could interface to the OEM wiring. I found the best solution was to attach the HID wiring harness input male spade connectors to the OEM female spade connectors within the fog lamp housing. The wiring from this point onwards was as normal - to HID Ballast > HID Bulb connectors > HID Bulbs.

After the connections were verified, and the HID lamp tested, the fog lamp housing cover needed modifying to accept the HID Bulb connections. I used a dremel to make a hole to accommodate the HID wiring harness grommet.

When put back together the fog lamp housing looked tidy enough.

The Fogs worked fine when tested individually and the very short test together prior to refitting the front bumper. However, I sat back to admire my work (in the cold!) and the 15 amp Fog fuse blew. Replaced it to find the exact same happen (to be expected really). I replaced the 15 amp fuse once more but this time unplugged either one individually and it worked. I reconnected both to find it still working - job done, or so I thought.

The next morning the 15 amp fuse blew again after about 5 seconds. This prompted some research on the internet to find many HID users having to replace the 15 amp fuse with a 20 amp fuse to overcome the load caused by the 'HID strike' (ignite and initial warm up). I researched to find the OEM could handle a max load of 20 amps. So armed with the knowledge that a 15 amp fuse is sufficient once the HID bulbs were up to temperature, and the high load would only be short-lived I decided to try a 20 amp fuse. I checked the wiring to ensure it wasn't getting warm to find it was absolutely fine .

The end result of the triple HID install is...............


Dipped and Fogs

Dipped, Fogs and Main (the Fogs automatically turn on with the Mains)

A few more mods to come very soon..........

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Smoked side repeaters (revisited)

After deciding the first set of smoked side repeaters (30th Oct 2010 post) were too black I opted to sell these on a get some similar to the LMF ones. In the end I got some Depo smoked side repeaters, see below.

The original side repeaters.

The Depo smoked side repeaters and Silvertec repeater bulbs ready to go.

The Depo smoked side repeaters and Silvertec repeater bulbs fitted

The Depo smoked side repeaters and Silvertec repeater bulbs on

Rear LED number plate lamp

Original rear number plate bulb.

Rear LED number plate bulb.

Unfortunately the rear LED number plate bulb has 3 LEDs out of 9 not lighting up. I have emailed the seller and hope to get a replacement sent out soon :).

I'm hoping to fit the Vectra C inlet pipe and Opel centre caps this week, with Opel boot badge and de-badging other rest of the boot to follow shortly :).

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Opel wheel centre caps

After fitting the Opel OPC grill I've been keen to Opelise the wheels and boot. The wheel centre caps were removed and the Vauxhall Griffin badge removed, with the adhesive needing a bit of attention. The following pic shows the three stages.

All four wheel centre caps.

Back on the car.

Front and back.

Opel boot badge and debadge

The opelising continued with the boot badge :). Thought I may as well take a few others off too.....

Opel blitz boot badge done :).

The Vauxhall and 1.6 were also removed. I'm not sure about the Astra badge so I've left it for now but may well remove it soon.

I'm pleased with the Opelise so far. I'm plan to change steering wheel to an Opel badge but I'm not sure about the mudflaps at the moment.[/QUOTE]

We're up to January 2011. I've got another 30+ posts to copy over........

I'm happy to answer any queries :).[/QUOTE]
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