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Hi all, I guess I posted in the wrong forum before...

I am starting a business (hopefully called POD Engineering), building custom sports cars and custom vehicles, those range from one-off kit cars to highly modified cars based on existing models. We will also build race support vans and any four wheeled road going vehicle that cannot be found in a showroom...

We are currently building 2 sports cars of our own design, and I am also modifying my boxer van to accept 2 V6 engines.

Could anyone interested in this sort of vehicle drop me a line stating what they would like and a rough guess as to how much they'd expect to pay?
This is so I can get a more precise idea of the market ahead of me, as it isn't easy to reach enough people by attending shows etc, on my limited budget...

Thank you very much for your interest, please do not hesitate to ask any question...
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