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P0689 -Engine Controls Ignition Relay Feedback Circuit Low Voltage
P1682-Ignition 1 Switch circuit 2
P0597-Thermostat Heater Control Circuit Open
P0598-Thermostat Heater Control Circuit Low

Hi guys, got a problem with my Corsa E not starting after connecting the ECU back up after getting some welding done. I had some welding done so i removed the ECU to prevent any issues (typical i've not got issues). Just a breakdown of what happened so far. So the car is a corsa 2016. It needed some welding doing on the side panel so i removed the ECU to make sure nothing gets shorted (didn’t know this would happen). Welding all done safe. Connected the ecu back up BUT it wasn’t 100% connected i don’t think from one side. Tried starting the car and it just kept turning but not firing up. I then checked the codes and got P1682, P0689. I also got P0597 & 0598 which are Thermostat Heater Control Circuit / Open which i think they’ve disappeared since changing the ecu but i’ll need to check again. I replaced the fuse box first and that didn’t help. I then purchased another ecu and sent it off for cloning, got it back and plugged it in but still the same. I’ve got some ecu diagrams and relay diagrams but to be honest they’re very confusing as i’ve never done something like that before. All i remember is when i removed the ignition relay, 3 of the terminals were live and 1 was negative and the middle one was dead i think (i think not 100% sure as i did it this morning). Anyone have any ideas what else i can do to figure out what the issue is? Driving me proper insane. Thank you very much guys
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