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Hi all,

Just wondering if anybody can help with a problem I have (before banging wall)

2002 Corsa C 1.2 SXI Semi-Auto

How it happened, my partner drove the car as normal, parked up and switched the engine off (facing car upbank). When returning started the car as normal, with foot on the brake pedal shifted to A position, before she released the brake the clutch started engaging then disengaging, it this this 3-4 times then gave up displaying the F on the dashboard.

I towed the car home, and tried on flat ground, when selecting A position and releasing the brake, the car moves forward around 2 foot then disengages the clutch, again repeating this 3-4 times before giving up. If I try the reverse gear if it doesn't grind it slams it into gear and the car feel's as though it is going to stall, releasing the brake makes it shoot off in reverse faster than normal.

Really stumped with this as I'm a manual person, easytronic is new to me. The car has only done 51k and has recently had a clean MOT (last month) along with head gasket done.

So far I have changed the fluid in the clutch actuator and bled this using Op com (v1.39) re learnt gearbox parameters(learnt OK) I have tried to re learn the touch point adaption (assuming biting point) but that time's out after step 7 when asked to shift selector to A position.

I suspect my master cylinder in the clutch actuator to be faulty, I did pop the rod off and looked inside to find the inner flang is near the bottom, I have fully extended the connecting rod on the actuator side only to find this will not pop back on (it wont even make contact) so suspect this to be worn possibly?

DTC's from the transmission:

P1731 - Gearbox Actuator Temperature
(01) - Not present

P1708 - Clutch Hydraulic
(08) - Not present

Any suggesting's ? thanks

Below log from Op-Com:

OP-COM 100219a - PC based diagnostic tool

Date and time> 18/11/2019. 10:3035

Workshop information:


Selected model> 2002 Corsa -C Transmission MTA (Easytronic)

Control Unit:

Keyword #1: 6B
Keyword #2: 8F

Normal timing parameter set.

systemSupplier: 20020711
ECUManufacturingDate: 3337636051
VIN: W0L0XCF0834048959
vehicleManufacturerECUHardwareNumber 09126186 AA
systemSupplierECUHardwareNumber: LUK 0207000001
systemSupplierECUSoftwareNumber: Z2AA3889
systemSupplierECUSoftwareVersionNumber: 0026
systemNameOrEngineType: MTAF13 Z12XE
RepairShopCodeOrTesterSerialNumber: Not programmed
ProgrammingDate: 20020903

Identifier: 0703

CalibrationDate: 20020903
CalibrationEquipmentSoftwareNumber: FFFFFFFF
ECUInstallationDate: 0001
VehicleManufacturerSpecific: G9E000211
VehicleManufacturerSpecific: G1D300607a

Measuring blocks information:

Battery Voltage 14.0 V
Ignition Status On 12V
Accelerator Pedal Position Signal 0%
APP at Idle Position (Accelerator Pedal Position) Active
Kickdown Information Inactive
Brake Switch Active
Parking Brake Status Active
ABS Status Inactive
Starter Signal Inactive
Starter Release Locked
Supply Voltage Gear Selector 9.86 V
Gear Selector 2.47 V
Gear Selector n
Select Motor Voltage 0.00 V
Shift Motor Voltage 0.00 V
Engine Speed 770 RPM
Desired Idle Speed 780 RPM
Engine Torque 0 Nm
Commanded Clutch Position 17.12 mm
Actual Clutch Position 17.12 mm
Clutch Slip 771 RPM
Commanded Gear n
Actual Gear n
Shift Position Request 0.00 mm
Shift Position Actual 0.18 mm
Select Position Request -8.16 mm
Select Position Actual -8.31 mm
FL Wheel Speed (Front Left) 0 km/h
FR Wheel Speed (Front Right) 0 km/h
Cruise Control Inactive
Throttle Valve Angle 2 ø
Coolant Temperature 66 øC
Clutch Temperature 38 øC
Long Term Touch Point 120 mm
Medium Term Touch Point 120 mm
Short Term Touch Point 120 mm
Friction Coefficient 1 270
Friction Coefficient 2 270
Friction Coefficient 3 270
Malfunction Indicator (MI) Off
Shift Position Gear 1 119 mm
Shift Position Gear 2 -117 mm
Shift Position Gear 3 116 mm
Shift Position Gear 4 -117 mm
Shift Position Gear 5 112 mm
Shift Position Reverse Gear 116 mm
Synchronisation Gear 1 41 mm
Synchronisation Gear 2 -37 mm
Synchronisation Gear 3 45 mm
Synchronisation Gear 4 -42 mm
Synchronisation Gear 5 40 mm
Offset Overlap Reverse Gear 0 mm
Select Position Gear 1 -82 mm
Select Position Gear 2 -82 mm
Select Position Gear 3 0 mm
Select Position Gear 4 0 mm
Select Position Gear 5 71 mm
Select Position Reverse Gear -152 mm
Select Travel Neutral Gear 10 mm
Select Travel Gear 1 40 mm
Select Travel Gear 2 40 mm
Select Travel Gear 3 36 mm
Select Travel Gear 4 37 mm
Select Travel Gear 5 36 mm
Select Travel Reverse Gear 15 mm
Reference Position (Select Motor) -160 mm
Reference Position (Shift Motor) -5 mm
Status Driver Door Door Closed
Air Conditioning Inactive
Reverse Light Relay Inactive
Winter Switch Off
Friction Energy 0
Shift Force 0 n
Gears Learned 1111101
Synchronisation Positions Learned 1111100
Touchpoints learned 11100000
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