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Hi friends,

I'm looking for the genuine fabric of the seats of corsa b GSI , I'm from Brazil and I have a Corsa B GSI 1993 from Spain, only 3 units of Corsa B GSI from Spain came to Brazil in the 90's, there is in Brazil the brazilian version of corsa B GSi manufactured here, but the seats are different in the color of the fabric and the shape of the seats

I am doing a complete car restoration project and need the genuine fabric to complete the car and leave it 100% genuine as it left the factory in 1993 and the most important item that is missing in my car are the fabrics.

Two pictures to show the difference of the seats:

European version of seats:


Brazilian Version:


I have the seats of my spanish gsi, but the fabrics were removed and were replaced by leather and I would love to return with the original fabric like the picture, but here in Brazil does not exist and I do not want to use in the car the brazilian gsi seats because my car is spanish.

could someone help me get the fabric,? preference used in good condition removed from full set of seats

I can pay buy paypal.

thanks mates.
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