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corsa b c20let

thinking off selling my corsa c20let as im moving over to aus ive put to much money into this thing and far to much time, but that life lol
spec off the top off my head is

stage 2 ecu
magnecor leads
front mount
full stanless steel exhuast
full samco kit
hybrid turbo
2.5" boost piipe
3" top hat
big intercooler
no nock bang or rattels
i had this in a mk3 astra for a bit was a great engine
bailys header tank

quife lsd
aftermarket clutch
quick shift
equel lenth shafts with big block hub with new bearings

gaz coil overs (only done about 2000 mile)
fully poly bushed
compbrake top mount
tie rod lowering kit
all lower arm and rear beam powder coated gloss black

willwoods on front with 280mm disk
rear astra gsi rear disks conversion
will wood haydrlic hand brake
comp brak ballance bar pedal box (with dash ajuster)
all brake line insude the car
goodrich braded line

compomotives 15"
think there a539 tyres

everything not needed has gone so
1/2 a dash
door cut to bits
boot floor cut out and plate over
seat reail cut and modified
stich weled
alloy fuel tank in boot
all braded fuel lines on the car
swirl pot
fact redtop lift pump
boshch feed pump
battery behined passanger seat
cobra bucket seats
sparco harness
aftermarcket sterring wheel
full custum cage custum roll cage trangelted threw to turrets has bar behind dash this was over a 1000 pound
custum wiring loom with everything that not needed cut out (car has all lihgt wiper etc and everything works as it should

quick rack
carbon fiber bonnet with earo catchs
fiberglass boot with aero catchs
polycarb windows
behind bumper cut out to save wight
privite plate which it valued at £400

it a unfinedhed project car is done and complet only thing that need doing is it start and runs but stops after 5 sec think it to do with fuel pressure,
there will be other mod on it i forgot has took me 2 year to build but since gettin back from aus 8 weeks ago. i jsut want to go back and ive got the opertinty to go back so this is up for sale,
i no it worth alot more in parts but i dont want the hassel
going to bring out off my garge tommro to get some pics
would like 3500

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Guys, can you give me a helping hand?

I'm trying to engine swap my Corsa B, i'm using a C20LET for the conversion and i want to find a engine mount that fits perfecly. I found a photo with a good one on internet and the other one it's with my engine.
Can you help me? Thanks.
This is the one i search:

This is the gap that i have:


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