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I'm running a Corsa B with Astra GTE front calipers and 256mm vented discs in conjunction with a Compbrake bias pedal box fitted with 0.625" (Front) and 0.7" (Rear) master cylinders, Aeroquip hoses throughout.

The installation and setup of the pedal box as supplied by Compbrake have been verified as OK by two different workshops with experience of preparing competion cars.

With either Mintex M1144 or even softer standard road pads, it is not possible to lock up the wheels, even at the extremes of bias adjustment each way, or have any confidence in the brakes at all.

This appears to be a normal outcome using the Compbrake bias box without changing the position of the pushrod pivot attachment on the pedal arm due to the low standard pedal ratio.

Does anyone have either a template or dimensioned sketch showing where to redrill the pedal arm for the relocated pivot attachment hole so that the pedal ratio is increased giving useable pedal performance? Compbrake's technical support has fallen way below what may be expected for such a supplier of a very wide range of pedal boxes.

Thanks in anticipation.
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