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Hi folks,

I have a 2005 1.7cdti combo with a brake problem. The van has had a brake rebuild for its mot (callipers, disks, hoses etc) and a new master cylinder. When using the van, you could drive for about 10 miles before all the brakes locked on. Investigation showed it was vacuum pulling the brakes on - if the vacuum pipe was popped, the brakes would release and off you could go again. A new Bosch servo was fitted and the van was fine for a few weeks. It’s now worse than ever and the brakes lock on after about 5 miles. Same cure, release the vacuum and it goes again for another few miles.

Before I replace the alternator/pump, is there anything else it could be ? The one way valve is new. Should the vacuum pump have a release valve ? Where does the vacuum go when I’m not using the brakes ?

This one is really pickling my head, so any thoughts and advice welcome.

Thanks !
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