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As most of you already know the MAF (Mass Air Flow) meters sits in the air inlet pipe between the air box and turbo on the Z20LET and Z20LEH engines. The standard internal diameter of the OEM unit is just 63mm. Many stage 3 & 4 & 4+ owners thus install the larger Astra VXR MAF which has an internal diameter of 71mm and thus flows better (upto around 345 BHP where it becomes a restriction). However, these things are expensive (Eg, a very well known tuner charges £150 + postage for these units).

Instead, if you post me your old MAF (either type is fine), I can take the sensor out of it and mount it in a larger aluminium housing of your choice:

MAF#1: Int Dia= 73 mm, Ext Dia= 76 mm, Flows for around 370 BHP.
MAF#2: Int Dia= 86 mm, Ext Dia= 89 mm, Flows for around 510 BHP.

You can chose which size you want (both are the same price) and both are larger even than the Astra VXR unit. I will do the machineing, bonding and bevalling and post the new unit back to you in 2 working days. Price is £75 + £5 postage – i.e. half of what it costs from the tuners.

If you’d like to see what these things look like have a look at my webpage (scroll down it a bit) where I made and successfully installed one of these units on my 500 BHP VX220.

Be advised that (like any other MAF change) you will need a remap before it’s safe to drive hard (ie boost up). It should be possible to drive with the larger MAF to the mapper though the engine revs will hunt up and down a bit and you will run a bit lean. Alternatively for total safety you can just take the unit to the mappers and get them to install it.


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