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hi there lads im thinking ov geting rid ov my v6 champ and wondering what sort ov response i would get ??? you all prob know the spec buy now and know iv got 2 champs but iv just not got the room to keep all my cars,, so lads any offers ??? its got no tax or mot as im still working on it its got 18" alloys, brand new konie shocks,lowerd 30mm,iv got all the v6 break set up but not on it yet,its had new rear arches fitted and in primor, full leather as the champs come with in verry good nick,alpine head unit with infinaty comp speakers, the v6 is in and runing spot on with the de cat pipe, k&n the engine has only done 60 odd with history. as 4 the champ its self iv got every mot from new.the recept from the 2nd owner ov the car aswell, the car needs little work to be finishd. it wants the arches painting,power stearing pipe sorting but iv got 1.and 2 new sills that iv just not got round to doing. i will prob post more about the car when i rember lol..but im not fussd on floging it and if i dont get the right offer i will keep it and get rid ov anouther car insted let the offers begin GTE V6/
Where is the car located?: southampton
What is the age of the car?: 1991
Asking Price:
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