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really got to get rid of this car now
its a 95 sri cav with a c20let turbo engine
its lowered 80+mm all round
has standard 15 inch 6 spoke sri rims (also spare set- to go with it)
it has electric mirrors, sunroof, front windows.
illuminated rear grab handles and visors.
it has the sri 140mph clocks.
it had recent back brakes and wishbones ready for the mot.
black sri trim(same as cav turbo cloth)
polar sea blue - colour code 13L.
the engine was bought from various miggers and from ebay i bought the bottom end complete, the head was off an xe it has let cams, the turbo is hybrid with about 17k on(had done 12k when i bought it and ive done 5k), all other parts ie amal valve, afm, loom etc were bought seperately. I built the engine up with all new gaskets and fitted the engine myself.
I then put phase 1 chips in (the standard ones are still here) so im guessing its running about 240bhp but havent rolling roaded it so its just a guess.

The car is a cat c write off i was coming round a roundabout and some old chap came into my lane, hitting my front wing and bumper, so there is cosmetic damage. the drivers front wing is also damaged.

The car is undrivable due to the f20 gearbox packing in ( week after the accident)- it happened just outside the close i live on so ive parked it up and called it a day. In first, second and reverse its moves but its undrivable but in third its not knocking or jumping out of gear - how long for i dont know as for fourth and fifth i couldnt tell you.

It cant be sold with the mot ( although it passed recently) - this is because the insurance company want this along with the v5 to prove i owned the car at the time of the accident. it is taxed until august 06.

other than the damage described the car is in good cosmetic condition just a few marks as you would expect of a car of that age. The windscreen has a crack in it in the passengers view and a chip but it passed the mot with them (didnt replace it due to it being the third screen gone in the car in the year and a half ive owned it lol)

now the engine - i cant say how many miles the engines done as explained earlier the engine was sourced from various people, the bores of the bottom end all had visible hone marks and appeared to be in good order.

ive noticed it smoked on deacceleration on over run, i bought a compression tester and the results were 170psi over all four pots- so i dont think its piston rings. the turbo is damp with oil but happily holds 14 psi, i think its the valve stem seals but cant guarantee it as i havent investigated the smoke.

ive been as honest as possible and will happily answer any further questions

I want £800 for the car as it stands it needs to be towed away. i need it gone asap as its stood on my mums drive and she needs it gone to get pics done of her house asap.

it needs towing away at the least.

pics available on request

contact me via here by email or pm or call 07725327783
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