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I need rid of my 1992 cav saloon, now its in need of a bit of TLC generally but it runs and drives fine.

Good bits:

It has the 130 bhp 2.0 8v engine, this runs and pulls very well and has just clocked up 100k (cambelt was changed at 90K).

Bar the rear arches and a small spot of on the boot lid the bodywork is all solid.

It's currently sitting on a set of 16" 5 spoke alloys, now these have seen better days, but there's plently of rubber left on the tyres (205/45)

The car has been sound deadened, so if you did put a system in it at least it won't rattle!

Bad bits:

The trackings out and it vibrates a bit a 80+ mph, but thats above the speed limit anyway ;)

One corner of the rear bumper is hanging off, shouldn't be too hard to fix though.

The rear arches are going rusty and have been primed but this needs re-doing.

The links which hold the ends of the front ARB are broken, but these don't take long to replace and only cost about £15.

The mot runs out in a week or so but I've just put 6 months tax on it (you can keep this for an extra £60.

The brake discs look like they've seen better days, although this doesn't seem to affect there performance!

I'll be striping the interior out to remove my ICE and wiring, this will all have to be re-assembled I'm afraid.

All in all its been a very reliable car in the year that I've owned it, all I've replaced is the plugs, a temp sensor and the front CV's.

£50 without the tax £120 with 6months left to run.

Car can be collected from Buxton or my workshop 15 miles south of Stockport.
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