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1984 Nova C20XE to be Turbo'd
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Hi All,

I have managed to source myself a donor car for my old car, however the Vauxhall in question is a 2005/2006 model (55 plate) which will mean the loom will be CANBUS. The car I want to transplant it into wont have a lot of the nice fancy things, like air con, abs, traction control, airbags etc. and looking at the VAUX-COM package it does appear a lot of these elements can be turned off.

If this is the case, do you still get the warning light on the dash? are they actually switched off or will they carry latent issues with being disabled?

The benefit I have is that I have the whole donor car to strip for the wiring loom, ECU's, sensors etc. so my plan it to remove the loom in its entirety and then transplant it into my old shell. Meaning that I can work through the various systems I want removing by removing them first on the donor car before I head into the transplant to tease out any issues before I go head on.

Does anyone who may have a slightly better knowledge of the CAN BUS system be able to lend a hand?

Thank you.
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