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Hi Richie

We started work at given they at Wallace had forgot to send the instructions (which he is very apologetic about) getting the bumper old pipes off existing intercooler was a piece of P!ss. Now the difficult part...any one who says this job can be done in 1-2 hours must work for McClaren. Got all pipes into place from plenum chamber to output of the cooler this was fairly difficult to get right. We then bolted the intercooler to the bumper again easy. The time by this point was 10.40pm. The U type tube was put on and let me guess...its about two [email protected] inches from the rubber Turbo outlet pipe, so we thought we would then make up a piece to make it fit.
Got all this on tightened up the jubilee clips as tight as poss, and took the car for a test to make sure all the pipes were O.K.
Now any normal person would have taken the car round the block...not me and Mike we thought we would take it up the local dual carriageway, first straight bit of road floored it in 2nd started to pull like a train then a loud whoosh :mad: the [email protected]@dy jubilee clip came off at the turbo end. We were now stuck on the motorway at 11.45pm.
Managed to stick pipe back into the tube and limped home at an embarrassing 15mph all the way home. We then made up a new fitting to reach the U tube. Took the car without the bumper on again to test and this held firm, now I had another problem the car was pulling so god damn hard the clutch was slipping like hell (lucky I bought an EBC clutch kit last week!! which by coincidence arrived today) :) We now get back to putting the bumper back together, but wait it gets better you now have to Mod the [email protected]@dy bumper so it fits over the intercooler, fortunately this was easy, but by the time we finished it was 3am in the morning...and yes you've guessed it I have to be up at 7am.
Thanks for your help Richie it was much appreciated. I just hope that when the clutch goes on everythings AOK. :)
before the clutch was slipping the car would only hold 12psi boost in all gears is this due to the intercooler being so much bigger??
Its down 2-3psi from yesterday. :eek:

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The clutch may have been slipping before hand and when you got it nice and warm then thats what may have thought you had loss of power.... MAYBE

The fact that the charge is running a lot colder meas the car will have more power due to the charge temeprature. It may jus be enough now for you to notice the clutch slipping.

CHanging the clutch is a pain in the bloody arse with these cars as you need to remove the front subframe (them to big metal legs hat attach to the front of the car at the underneath). It CAN be done if you have the equipment but you may want to leave that to someone that can do it for you as it can take 1-2 days if you have never done it before.

I have never changed the clutch on a C20LET. I know someone that has and thats why I know it will take 1-2 days. He had help, ramps, tools etc etc so it may jus not be possible. Also, he had a copy of the Holden Calibra Turbo workshop manual to help him

On the other hand you may have it all there as well so you might wanna do it.

Personally I would leave it to a garage due to all the other things that may go wrong.

hehe, what did I say about the air leaks :D :D?? You need a HOOOOGE bar on the end of your socket to tighten them bugger jubilee clips so it dont leak. Well, you got it now at least :D :D

As to the bumper, I forgot to say you need to trim about 1 inch from the inside to get it to fit. Now imagine tryin to fit that bugger to a Cavalier which has almost a foot less bumper !!!... I really wanted one too :(

Well, you beat the record I had anyways. Me and Russ finished at 1AM fitting the chargecooler.

Wouldnt worry about lack of instructions, Wallace Performance are really good but even the best make mistakes sometimes :D

I meant to leave my number with you in case you had any probs but you got it sorted fine :D


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Cheers Richie,
We had your number on Robs phone after you rang, thanx.

Also Wallace performance didn't gove us any clips at all! we had to make about a dozen out of two clips put together!

Gonna get some big hydraulic clips real heavy duty FOOKERS!
(pirtek or any hydraulic place stocks them)

THANX again.
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