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I have a calibra turbo engine for sale which has done 90,000 miles it was origionally brought from a scrappy.
The car had been written off due to the fire service cutting the roof off but all mechanicals were ok.
The 1200 price includes the below:

Turbo engine
6 Speed gearbox
Transfer Box
Down Pipe
Complete front suspension legs
Front Calipers & Discs
Front Driveshafts
Prop Shaft
Radiator & metal fan
all hoses

All the above is still on the sub frame so please make sure u have a vehicle capable of picking it up.

The reason for me selling the above was my astra gsi got written off in february so that was the end of my project.

My email adress is [email protected]
My mobile No. 07917842106
Your location: Brantham Suffolk
Condition of the item: Good Condition
Asking Price: 1200
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