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I've just completely rebuilt a C20XE head and block with ARP rod bolts, new bearings, piston rings, valves, guides and gaskets. It is running on R1 carburettors, Manta distributor, has the cam cover mod and an oil catch tank. Apart from that its standard.

Having started it today for the first time, I left it idling for a while so I could bleed the cooling system. All well, no leaks, looking good. Left it a few hours then thought I'd go for a little 2 mile drive to start running it in. Gentle and got up to a max of 2500rpm

On return i opened the bonnet to find the inlet side completely covered in oil. The 1ltr oil catch tank was completely full and was evident that the oil had come out from the unblocked outlet and spewed it everywhere. No other leaks anywhere else and engine was running absolutely fine.

Why would so much oil come out of the cam cover? I haven't done a compression test yet but I'm just trying to identify if this a common occurrence or points to something wrong.

An AA dude reported on the Dutch Opel forum that he managed to measure the difference of the mod in oil acidity. He said practically all Opel engines suffer from the same fairly poor crank case ventilation system and creating (more*) vacume has several positive effects, one is no oil will be forced out the upper breathing hose as long as there's vacume on the lower vacume hose. Logical if you come to think of it, with a closed throttle valve the crank breathing system would be pressurised forcing oil out the top breather. Under vacume it will be sucked in. The other advantage is a more active breathing under idling sucking away more of the combustion fumes and effectively keeping the oil cleaner and lower moisture content....

In time it will save lots and lots of wear and corrosion inside the engine!

And the engine runs a fair bit better!

* With the stock size breather pipe it won't take long for it to become fully blocked, with all the consequences....
Hi I’m planning on doing this to mine shortly have you any pictures of how and what you have used, as I’m having the same issues with oil coming out the catch tank, I’m running twin Dellorto 45s

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