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Forum Rules - Please read before posting

Please Read Before Posting Adverts Or Replying To

Buying and selling goods on MIGWeb
Here are just some pointers to take note of when buying goods from people using MIGWeb.

1. Make sure you get as many contact details as possible always get a landline number and not just a mobile number. And most important of all get a home address from the seller.

2. Keep all details whether they are e-mails or private messages they can be used against someone should the deal go wrong e.g. not sending out goods/money

3. MIGWeb or MIGClub is in no way responsible for non receipt of any transaction that you have with a seller for goods or wanted items YOU DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

4. MIGWeb or MIGClub and people associated with running or helping MIGWeb or MIGClub will not get involved with transactions that go wrong for whatever reason. I may choose to help out if a transaction goes wrong for but please remember this is down to my own discretion.

5. Please be clear about what you are selling and where abouts you are located - ensure you fill in the location in your user profile. Also, if you do not plan to return here for a while, make sure you enable email in your profile or leave a phone number so that people can get back to you.

6. When people are selling goods, only reply to them if you are interested in the goods that are on offer. Any user that deems it funny to reply to an item forsale with no intention of buying the goods but just to leave rude/silly remarks will have their access removed without warning for a month or longer if necessary.

7. Can I ask that people do not make comments about the price being asked for items. By all means make an offer to see whether the person will accept or not. Breaking this rule may result in a timed gag from the moderators.

8. Should we get complaints about people who sell goods and not send items out, we may block your access to the forsale/wanted and cars forsale forum. This is final and your access may not be re-instated. Paid up MIGClub members will not be treated any different to registered users. All details of a bad sellers are logged and kept by MIGWeb and all information may be handed over to police or trading standards for recovery of goods or money. Please be aware of this when placing an advert.

9. Anyone who is banned from selling goods and tried to re-sign in using another user name will automatically be banned this is final and without warning.

10. Tis, Epc and other pirate software/media are not to be advertised on MIGWeb. Any person seen trying to sell this well have their adverts removed from this site and may also be banned from selling again on MIGWeb. MIGWeb doesn't want the selling of any copied copyright software whether it is Vauxhall related or not, that includes DVD copyright material of any nature . Original legitmate software may be advertised.

11. Links to items that you have forsale on e-bay will be accepted. Ensure that the advert contains full information on the product being sold - a simple link is not good enough. Also, ensure you put the word "Ebay" in the advert title.

12. Any goods that you have for sale must now have a base price - this is being introduced because people are getting fed up when making offers only to be told the offer isn't enough. Having a base price will stop time wasting on both parties.

13. Users may not post in the Items for Sale forum until they have been signed up for at least 60 days and have a minimum of 50 posts. Users trying to post items for sale in other forums to avoid this rule will have their posts deleted and may be gagged. MIGClub members can post in the Items for Sale forum without these restrictions.

14. You cannot reply to posts in the Cars for Sale Forum. Any questions for the seller must be sent via Private Message or Email.

Any complaints about having your access removed should be directed to to the Help Desk. NB. moderators cannot alter users forum access.

Rules may change without notice.
Here are some useful links. If you can think of anymore that maybe of use pm me.
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