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Hi there

As you can see - my first post. I'm situated in South Africa and the owner of an immaculate 237kW Opel Monza CD 16V. I don't know what the car is called in European terms - I think they call it the Astra MKII, but I don't have the hatch back. The Monza is the sedan. I would actually like to know as what car my Opel is known in Europe though? Makes it really difficult to find aftermarket parts.

Anyway, I have 2 problems that I'm suffering to solve.

The first is braking. I'm looking for an aftermarket big brake kit thats really worth it. Big disks (300+ mm) and big calipers that will make my car stop everytime. We have local stuff in South Africa, but not very good quality.

My second problem, not mechanical, is the fitting of gauges. I already have 6 gauges in my car - mounted in the dash. I'm looking for a non-universal, thus straight fit, A-pillar 3 pod gauge mount. Does any of you know where I can get this?

I'd appreciate any advice.

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