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Evening all,

Getting stuck into my long-term dream project; a Reliant Scimitar with a Saab B204 mated to an Omega box and custom driveshaft. Can hardly wait!

Not my first Vauxhall B204 conversion but is my first RWD. It'll bolt right up (allegedly) to the block, and already acquired the spacer (thanks Urchfab) for the slave. Just had a couple of queries...

- Bought an R25 D box (thinking that is indeed the diesel R25 box.) I guesstimate that's not up to the whole world of torque, but only going for 280-300bhp. Don't know how much torque. Any opinions or best guesses on it's life expectancy welcome!

- What's driving that going to be "like"? I think it's something like acceleration will be fine but 5th isn't especially tall so I'll be at 3k rpm around 70mph. That sound right? Tell me no if not.

- Are the R25D and the R25-R28 identical in size, bolt pattern and driveshaft fitment etc? I am fairly sure they are but just need a confirmation.

Cheers everyone. :)
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