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Hi all

Looking through autovaux's website and about to order a few bits but.....
Am I missing something as to the relevance of their part numbers.

ie. Looking at the distributor caps (under Calibra, Electrical, Distributors Caps, Rotors & Plug Leads) how are you supposed to know which of the Disty caps or rotor arms are correct for your car?

OK, I admit one of the disty caps says Bosch (and actually has a picture which sorta looks like the correct one) but who is to know the other option isn't a Bosch too and is actually the correct one?

Is there some lookup table detailing the correct part numbers for models or against a Vauxhall part number or something else???

Failing that, anybody know which part number for disty cap and rotor arm for my 1996 Calibra Turbo?

This also goes for the rocker cover gaskets (gasket - valve cover), there are 3 listed ranging from £1.95 to £10.95, how is one supposed to know?

Surely I'm missing something or this really isn't an eCommerce site but a nice dangling carrot.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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