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i have an audi 80 sport here that i dont use anymore, no particular reason apart from i didnt re-tax it

anyway i want/need a nova!!! for a toy and project

the audi has 8 months mot. at the time of mot i put 4 new calipers on and a new driveshaft and some other little bits. bill came to over 500 including mot

its got a full powerflow stainless exhaust

15" alloys

motorsport graphics (not chavish i dont think but i didnt put them on)

the bodywork is mint, its galvanised so aint gonna rust in a hurry

no tax im afraid

heres a load of pics

please email me ( [email protected] ) any novas you have that may interest me, looking for any sort of project really
Where is the car located?: carnforth m6 j35
What is the age of the car?: g
Asking Price: a nova (600ish)
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