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astra gte 8v £350 o.n.o

white astra gte 2.0 8v G reg

spec- k&n 57i induction filter...
brand new clutch, new full exhaust system (from manifold back), new water pump, very recent cam/alternator/PAS belts, re-con PAS pump, oil n filter changed (used engine flush) on saturday. dizzy cap/arm/leads/plugs 1 week old, will do coolant flush and re-fill before selling too.

vauxhall imob and remote central locking, de-locked doors but passenger side has dent in (been quoted £70 to repair) or can supply standard door if wished. rear lights blacked out (not standard gte smoked) clear side repeaters, alloy tax disc holder!!, custom parcel shelf with 6x9 holes (will supply original too if wanted) i might leave the speakers in (sont 4" fronts, kenwood 4 way 6x9's rear) if they wont go in my new car....

wolfrace voodoo 15" alloys with 2 new firestone tyres put on on friday, locking nuts.

RUSTY REAR ARCHES!!!!!!!! for a change.... :rolleyes:

this car is on page 83(ish) of this months total vauxhall magazine on the rolling road (108 bhp and 120 lbs of torque - before k&n)

and lastly, this car wont be available for a few days as the clifford alarm is coming off it and on my new car (putting another on tho)

£550 4 months T&T

would probably sell without the alloys for less.....

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