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Was looking at yesterdays pics from Shakespeare County Raceway and someone from work thought it would be funny to take one of the pics from Orangepeels thread and E-mail it about to other peeps that know me for them to modify... :eek:

Scroll though and have a larf, payback is getting dished out tomorrow with a large bat :nod:

Anyway Enjoy! lmao lmao lmao lmao

Actual Photo

Nice Burberry paintjob!

YES! Big up my Chrome spinners :cool: lmao

Don't forget internal and external neons! :dog:

I've always wanted a VON DUTCH sticker?! :eek: :eek:

Errrrrr, 2 chinese women?!?!?! :confused: :confused:

LMAO England flags are the way forward NOT! lmao lmao

OOOhhhh yes I got flames now!! :cat:

Sweeeeet now I got an "ADAM STYLE" spoiler :p :D :D

And this one is because matey boy thinks that vaux's are unreliable and FORD lmao is the way forward or something (1.8 focus drivers eh!) lmao
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