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Air Filters

Air filters come in two different types, panel filters and cone filters. Panel filters will replace the existing filter in its old air box, whereas the cone filter replaces the whole box.

Panel filters will let the engine pick up easier during acceleration and will give slight performance increase. The panel filter will not make much more noise than the old filter as it is still in an air box. The panel filter will give better driveability.

Cone filters are generally more expensive, though do give slightly more power increase and more driveability. Most cone filters come in packaging stating 'Induction kit.'

The best combination is to add a performance exhaust at the same time to get the best power increase and other advantages.

Performance Induction Kit:

It is debatable as the whether these are worth the hassle, although they do give more power, there is a trade off in driveability (see below). The best kits tend to be of the foam variety, such as RamAir kits. These replace all the induction parts before the air mass meter. When fitting these kits extra induction noise will occur. Sometimes fitting these kits can cause a kangarooing effect when slowing down in gear off the throttle at about 2000rpm, also stalling can sometimes occur. This is a very common problem with the 20XE and there have been many different fixes for this, although none seem to work 100%. When fitting the air filter (and when doing any mods), reset the ECU by disconnecting the battery for a least an hour, this has been successful in many cases. Another culprit is the idle control valve, which would benefit from a good cleaning out. The same the problem is caused by too much air trying to rush around inside the engine and that a simple breather mod can alleviate this (see elsewhere in these archives). The final solution is to fit an "Ecotec" valve on the brake servo pipe, this reduces pressure build up inside the rocker cover.


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