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Hi Fellas! What an awesome forum this is. I am in need of the following items please.

1.) Original airbox, complete with rubber mounting feet intact.
2.) Original air intake hoses that sit between the airbox and the MAF sensor
3.) Engine undertray
4.) An original paint OEM bonnet in arden blue.
5.) An original paint OEM tailgate in arden blue, with all the fixings (am willing to pay top price for pristine example)
6.) headlight lower panels that are not snapped OEM arden blue.
7.) Dashboard air vent beazle (the whole unit)
8.) Gear lever linkage (new)
9.) Gearstick gaitor
10.) "Turbo" Kickplates, new condition
11.) Battery tray clamp OEM.

I am in the process of tidying up the zaffie and putting her back to factory spec.. so please pm me with any parts you might have, even if they are not on the list.


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