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decided on a new engine for my project so wanna see if anyone is interested in mine,
heres the spec,

Covered 4k since rebuild,
steel rods,
low comps,
uprated oil pump,
new bearings and shells,
courtnay cams,
brand new hybird and uprated auctuator,
oil spray bars,
1.9mm steel head gasket,
samc0 throughout,
dump valve,
phase 3.5 eds software,
4.5bar fuel reg,
magnacore leads,
porche plugs
lightened and ballenced crank and flywheel,
Blitz turbo timer

is a very quick engine have all the recipts as well over 5k easy in parts alone,

rolling road graphs of 282 @16psi with 310lb tourque so 300 brake at the 22+psi which it is capable of,

the bottom end mods alone are worth 2k!

Looking for £2000 for the job lot,

worth more but just wa\nt rid is a great engine and very fast!
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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