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Hi all.
Can anyone help with two queries i have with my Astra J, 2012 1.4 turbo?

After driving and when I come to a stop in traffic or at traffic lights, I get a burning oil smell come in through the air vents, especially if I have the heater on. I can see no sign of leaking oil in the engine bay and no smell of burning oil in there either. The garage I bought it from insist its a leaking rocker cover gasket, which they replaced but to no effect. If this is a worn and leaking turbo issue, how can I convince them?~
Second, the radiator fan come on when its cold and doesn't run when I turn the ignition off after a drive. the result of this is that the body panels around the engine bay get very hot to the touch. This can't be right surely? I always thought fans ran briefly after a drive, to cool the engine down when stopped. Again, the garage insist there's no problem.

Any suggestions would be appreciated please, as I'm banging my head against a wall.

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