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Hi all,

I've just had my garage swap out a dead Daewoo Nexia A15MF for a twinport X20XEV
( Garage did the main swap, I'm doing plumbing & electrics )

It came with alternator and starter pre-wired but ending with a large circular multi-plug which comes from behind the engine out near the gearbox
It'll be an absolute pig to change out now that it's in so I'm trying to splice it all into the Daewoo loom
Using my Haynes manual(s) I've mapped out all important connections such as charge warning, starter ignition, oil pressure warning and oil level
There is an extra 2-pin plug in there which I believe is the reverse light switch ( Black / Yellow and White / Black )

The last remaining wire is Blue / Yellow
Can anyone shed light onto this one?
The only one I can find in Haynes is the instrument panel pre-heater light so I can rule that out straight away


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