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1993 Calibra 2.0 8V Auto - Swapsies???? lol

Well, shes gotta go!.....

As above in White, with all usual refinements & the following additions...

40MM Lowering all round
16" Kosei Alloys (Jap. Lightweight!!!)
K&N Induction Kit.

The car has done 139K and has PLENTY of miles left in her. No noise/problems from either the Engine or Gearbox and the AutoBox has a switchable sport mode which makes the car go nuts when you put your foot down!!!

MOT until April 2005
TAX until June 2004

Only downsides are a small dent to the leading edge of the drivers door (spare door supplied in red)...

I have only owned this car for a 3 weeks and made the mistake of getting it without checking with the wife first..... She hates it and our baby seat hardly fits... (i was well popular when i got home i can tell you!! )

I am willing to consider a swap & Or Cash offers....

After a 4 door car in good condition and some history (any suggestions?...)

Please mail me or call me on 07984 447609 for more details or pics...


Lee :p
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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