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Afternoon all,
Looking for a bit of tyre advice as its been quite a few years since I've bought tyres for a nova. I'm looking for a summer tyre with a sidewall thats not going to catch the arch and rub on a standard 1.6 Gsi with unrolled arches with a full lip thats lowered 60mm.

Tyres that will be going on are Alessio Speedlines that I'm going to refurb shortly. Data on the back of the rims is as follows;

6 1/2Jx16H2-ET49, Alise07 1
SL944 POD L410, DOT-E 07, GA1917 Mg T6

I'm looking for a summer tyre for the occasional bit of summer use and was looking at are Toyo Proxes TR1 as the Proxes were a great tyre on my old impreza sti and are well priced as 195/45/16. I also had Michelin Pilot sports on my old saxo VTS that I also thought was a good tyre.

I've been looking for a 195/40/16 as I thought this would be best to reduce rubbing issues but can't seem to find any decent rubber as it looks like the big manufacturers (Too, Yokohama, Pirelli) have discontinued making rubber in a 40 profile in the last few years. I'm just a bit hesitant going 195/45/16 as the cars lowered and may scrub and catch the arch or rub on full lock. I don't want to roll the arches and just want to see if anyone on here has any experience running 195/40/16 and what rubber they've used recently and where they bought it from or if 195/45/16 is likely to be fine?

Appreciate any info or advice.

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