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Well, seeing as these don't fit on the Astra, even with the Eibachs and Koni's removed, these will have to be sold. They are from the new shape Vectra, and will fit Vectra B & C, and Zafiras.

Tyre size is 235/35/19, and they are Pirelli PZERO Rossos. The tyres were from a mate, and have 6mm of tread left, evenly worn. No nicks, flat spots etc.

The alloys are brand new, and have only been driven round the block to see if they would fit, so they are both spotless and scratch free, as you would buy them from Vauxhall. They obviously have the centre caps included (these alone cost £40).

They are obviously 5 stud, offset I think is ET43, and 8" wide. They will NOT fit an Astra G unless you are prepared to do arch work.

Asking £1000 all in. Would prefer for them to be collected as delivery would be about £50 and I can't guarantee they wouldn't get damaged.

Please don't ask if I will sell the alloys without the tyres. They are being sold as a package.

PM or email [email protected]

Pics can be found here
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