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17in Millia Migglia Spider's - SOLD

3 tyres with loads of tread, 1 with some left. Wheels are in pretty good nick, only a few slight scuffs. I can take better pics if anyone is interested. Looking for £325 ono. ET45.



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alright mate.
u still got them?
i might b very interested. wots the condion of the tyres? rims?
where abouts do u live?

beta pics please!!



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1 other interested at the moment - checking postage price first. The tyres are good, 1 not long replaced. Pics tomorrow.

Glasgow is in Scotland central belt. Cant miss it :)

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Loads of pics..

Slight mark on one of the spokes,

Centre cap fell off,

Slight scuff round the edge,

Slight scuffs,

Tread on back tyres...

Tread on fron tyre...

Tread on other front tyre, slightly worn at edges but still above all the wear bands...


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your quite a distance from me, I estimate 400 miles away :(. Postage at is 9.99+vat for each wheel. Parcel 2 go 8.99+vat for each wheel.

Waiting on response from the other guy first.
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