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  1. Mk4 astra gsi

    Engines and Transmission
    Alright people I've got a problem with my gsi not reving past 21/2k with sota sputtering but if u increase the revs slow it's ok till about 4k any ideas would be great its had new oem coil pack 2 sets of plugs new fuel pump new uprated reserc valve
  2. CHEAP items for z20lets , corsas and other cars!! NO RESERVE STARTING AT 0.99!!

    eBay Watch
    title says it all cheap items no reserve on anything and starting at 0.99!!!!! vist my gfs ebay and have a look!! sarahmilton1807 | eBay
  3. Z20let clearout engine, box, looms, ecu etc!

    Items For Sale
    Bought all this stuff for a conversion into a corsa c, but lost interest. Probably forgot some stuff.... First off is a z20let engine with fancy stuff, not splitting! Engine is partly rebuilt The sump, head, block, inlet and rocker cover are all painted What's included is: Block, head...
  4. What oil pump to use on my xe

    Engines and Transmission
    Re building my 20xe due to big end failure. Was running a autopumps uk pump from the last rebuild. Unfortunately it dropped pressure and killed the big ends. What pump should I be using? And can any one get the 1700 turbo diesel big end bearings in .5 oversized? I can get a z20leh pump for £100...
  5. 470cc injectors Z20LEH (for C20LET upgrade Phase III+ =>330PS)

    Items For Sale
    Here is for sale set of blue Bosch's 470ccm injectors taken from Astra H OPC (Z20LEH engine). Ideal for C20LET upgrade (with another tuning parts of course). - 470ccm @ 3,0bar - 575ccm @ 4,5bar - highZ (14Ohm) In very good condition. £90 posted to UK (+EU), (PayPal only)
  6. Std 2006 Astra VXR, flame red, Bargain!

    Cars For Sale
    Hi, The time has come to sell my astra vxr (selling this and my diesel van to get one diesel car) 2006 astra vxr in flame red 3- previous owners (last since sept 07) 6months tax and mot. 38k I saw the car advertised in feb this year and fell in love with it. It had 35k on the clock. I gave...
  7. Z20leh........z20let............c20let engines for sale.............

    Items For Sale
    I thought I would put up a post with a few of the engines I have ready for new homes: I have 18 cars in stock with Z20LET engines. The mileage on them range from 40k upwards. I have them in standard form, phase 1, 2 & 3. Please contact me for further info and prices C20LET ENGINE Totally...