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  1. Engine and Transmission
    Hello guys, I'm new to this forum but I've been into modifiying Opel cars for many year in my country but now I'm into the need of the help from experts from here please :) ___ So short story is my car is a 3.2 (Z32SE) with (C25XE) loom + Ecu +Intake (Cav) and was running just as smooth as...
  2. Items For Sale
    Price dropped 9th May 2016 I have a pair (front & rear) metal rocker covers from a Vectra B X25XE. They have been shot blasted and are pristine and perfect condition, you could eat your dinner off them but it’s not recommended. Change of plans means they are no longer required. Perfect for...
  3. Items For Sale
    Removed from my donor MV6. In excellent working order, 90k ish miles when I got it, runs like a dream. Only ditching it as I have a replacement 3.2 for the project car (bought the donor for its gearbox). Would make an ideal upgrade for Cavalier/Calibra/Vectra V6 owners looking for extra...
  4. Items For Sale
    I'll be stripping my donor MV6 this weekend (it's providing parts for my Irmscher project), so all the bits that I don't need are up for grabs. I'm keeping leather, manual transmission and a few other odds and sods, but the bulk of it is available for other members if needed (a lot of parts will...
  5. eBay Watch
    Link: Vauxhall Omega X30XE heads and valves 3.0 V6 low miles | eBay
  6. eBay Watch
    Pair of super clean 3.0 V6 heads: Vauxhall Omega X30XE heads, excellent condition, 3.0 V6 | eBay
  7. Cars and Items Wanted
    I'm looking for a Billet bottom pulley for V6 as mine has just been rr'd and is at 245bhp and is ready to fall apart and has a real wobble on. Is there anywhere other than Vauxhall Opel VXR OPC Leading UK Tuning Specialist Courtenay Sport that does these? as I really don't think that £200 for...
1-7 of 7 Results