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  1. Projects & Restorations
    Not really a project as such just what I'm working on at the minute. Car came to me with a hole in the block where it has spat a rod out so here's a few pics of the conversion work. Not sure why but it has full Opel accessories! Bonnet and battery are always the first things to come off...
  2. Items For Sale
    As title, standard ecu for sale. 40 pounds delivered or nearest offer. Cheers
  3. Items For Sale
    As title says, I'm breaking an x14xe engine due to possible cambelt failure. All parts are available. Cheers
  4. Items For Sale
    bought for a project that i no longer need them for and a lack of money! Trumpets (lip of one end trumpet, cyl4, folded down to allow to fit) Jenvey Bodies Jenvey/SBD Manifold comes with Bosch Cream Injectors aswell £600ono pictures up soon to
  5. eBay Watch
    Hi, Selling a cylinder head, for X14XE (Corsa Sport) brand new, still has machining marks. Was planning to have it ported etc. for my car, but changed my mind and bought a faster car :D Any questions about it, feel free to send me a message on here or through eBay...
  6. Projects & Restorations
    Hey there folks been on here a while and just thought i would put some pics of my corsa up and see what you guys think. I bought the car about 18 months ago as a bog standard 1.0 Breeze, i have since converted it to an c14xe. It is cammed and running a straight through from manifold to back box...
  7. eBay Watch
    Selling c20xe redtop corsa b engine mount:|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318 ecotec...
1-7 of 7 Results