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  1. Styling, Wheels & Interior
    Anyone know the name and stats of these wheels?
  2. Items For Sale
    As above, have a set of four Cavalier SRi 16v 15" Fanblade alloys which have been recently refurbished in silver and come complete with centre caps. The tyres are all matching 195/50/R15 Dunlop SP Sport Response with 5mm on the rear and the fronts, which have been replaced recently are showing...
  3. Items For Sale
    I have decided to sell these wheels. They are a silver five-spoke five-stud version of the classic/rare BK82 alloy. All four are present and correct, 17x7.5J ET35, and they ran absolutely fine on my car. No rubbing on a drop of 40mm (Eibachs). All centre caps present, can supply with spigot...
  4. Items For Sale
    All information is needed at this link - (4)13" Steel Wheels Complete With Tyres in Loanhead, Midlothian | Car Replacement Parts for Sale | Wheels and tyres. GET IN TOUCH!!! Thanks ;)
  5. Cars and Items Wanted
    lookin for some new alloys for my sxi corsa lookin to spend a max of 300 quid any ideas or sellin any ? cheers
  6. Cars and Items Wanted
    As title, I need a set of 17" Wheels from an Omega Elite in decent nick.... PM me Cheers :beer:
  7. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hi, Looking for a set of 4 slicks to fit 15s or 16s between 190 and 200 width. New or part worns considered. Can collect from around Norwich, Leicester or London otherwise I can arrange transport. Thanks Tom
  8. Items For Sale
    Stil Auto Sigma wheels 7.5 x 16 ET 35 PCD 4x100 & 4x98 Wheels come with almost new 205/50/16 tyres with plenty tread. There is some light scrubbage on the wheels as shown on the pics but all wheels are straight. £200 collected Can meet around Leeds, West Yorkshire Worst wheel... Tread....
  9. Items For Sale
    selling my spare set of turbo rims due to no longer being required. 3 Tyres have been removed in preparation for refurb, other one is still attached because its knackered but got a decent one to replace it with. all 4 have been shotblasted, no major kerbing on any of them just a couple of very...
  10. Items For Sale
    Pistonheads listing is here: Wheels & Tyres : Ronal Aero 4x100 *Mint* Looking for £725
  11. Cars and Items Wanted
    Something along the lines of revolution rfx Speedline corse or Comp Mo's contact on 02871398020 or 07596134432 Ross I can arrange DHL to collect Thanks
  12. Cars and Items Wanted
    Cash Waiting, willing to travel, Tires not essiential. Email: [email protected] Cheers. Luke £150 tops!!
  13. Items For Sale
    four used alloys from a mk3 astra all have marks / scuff nothing bad , see pics below tyres are 195 55 15 ( will get exact mm depths tomorrow) may need one new / part worn as on sidewall has rubbed up against a curb , stil holds air fine since taking them off i cant find the screws...
  14. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hi, Looking for a set of genuine vauxhall alloys to fit a mk4 astra. 4 Stud. It's a 1.6 5 door, so just want them to tidy it up a bit. Cheers
  15. Items For Sale
    as above, i have 5 7 x 16'' speedline rally 7 wheels, four used in white, one brand new, never even had a tyre fitted to it but in silver, they come with 6 yokohama A048r 195 50 16 tyres, 4 mounted to the white rims, two spares not mounted, varying levels of wear, two have done less than 1200...
  16. Items For Sale
    Hi all Due to buying GSi alloy's for my car the Pro Race's are up for sale. 4x wheels finished in anthracite - 1x had small crack when purchased but has now been professionally repaired. All wheels come with as new hankook ventus 17" tyres - Tyres are 215 - 40 -17. Vaux Fit 5 Stud (Vectra /...
  17. Cars and Items Wanted
    wanted compomotve mo's pref white around £350 mark but willing to pay more tyre's included if possible?? cheer's,
  18. Cars and Items Wanted
    To Fit a 5 stud vauxhall astra G. :)
  19. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hi all, Decided to save my Sri v6 hatch so Im looking for the following parts so I can tidy her up - all parts must be in Diamond Metallic black however : Exterior : Facelift front bumper (Gsi or Non gsi - Im not too bothered !) Facelift rear bumper Facelift sideskirts Facelift Colour...
1-20 of 21 Results