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  1. WANTED: Alloy wheel covers (polygon shaped ref 90 445 439)

    Cars and Items Wanted
    Does anyone have these covers for sale please? Image for reference. Cheers. Dave
  2. (4) 13" Steel Wheels

    Items For Sale
    All information is needed at this link - (4)13" Steel Wheels Complete With Tyres in Loanhead, Midlothian | Car Replacement Parts for Sale | Wheels and tyres. GET IN TOUCH!!! Thanks ;)
  3. single cesaro wheel

    Cars and Items Wanted
    as above doesnt need centre cap or tyre doesnt matter to much on condition either as will be gettin coated... relativly close to manchester if possible cheers
  4. WANTED 1 x 16" Mk5 Astra SXI snowflake alloy

    Cars and Items Wanted
    Has anyone got a 16" snowflake alloy to fit mk5 astra sxi, 5 stud?
  5. Speedline1