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  1. Cars and Items Wanted
    Does anyone have a good condition Saab B204 turbo engine or bottom end lying around that they would like to part with? I've got rod knock and would rather change the engine and swap over my top end and mods. As close to the borders as possible unless u can stick it on a pallet and ship it. Cash...
    £500 GBP
  2. Cars and Items Wanted
    Does anyone have these covers for sale please? Image for reference. Cheers. Dave
  3. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hi. I'm after a set of 4 door cards from a CDX or similar with wood inserts. Good condition only please. PM me and we'll talk prices! (May consider seats as well to fit Hatchback)
  4. Cars and Items Wanted
    hello, im looking for a astra preferable a 1.7 diesel or 1.6 petrol. got about 2k to spend (i know im only going to get about 2004/5ish) but might be willing to stretch a bit for the perfect car;);) what have you guys got then?:thumb:
  5. Cars and Items Wanted
    AS above guys if anyone has one for sale with or without pipes send me a pm thanks!also has to be fully working lol! decided to keep my Gsi instead of selling it!cheers
  6. Cars and Items Wanted
    Looking for a corsa b 1.2 or lower sized engine.. Gotta be a mint shell all round, 3 door SXI is what i am after.. Paying generously to the ideal seller.. :thumb: PM me anyone who is letting a good car go!
  7. Cars and Items Wanted
    a backbox for a mk4 astra turbo hatchback a front strutbrace oe recirc blanking plate bonnet lifters for astra mk4 hatchback thanks.
  8. Cars and Items Wanted
    I am looking to buy the Vauxhall Nova GTE with the Reg F884 END, If anyone can put the owner in contact with me or vice versa, it would be much appreciated. Thanks Joe
  9. Cars and Items Wanted
    Wanted Nova GTE or GSI Am in the market for a Nova mk1 GTE or a GSI. Will consider all examples from pristine to cars needing work. The nicer the better though! Drop me a mail if you are thinking of selling. Am based in Scotland but will travel for the right car, cash ready to be spent...
  10. Cars and Items Wanted
    ok i have a corsa that was a 1.4 changed engine to 1.6 so i am looking for * x16xe ecu,transponder,and key are what every i need to run it as 1.6 *also looking for 256mm brake disc conversions * and a ecu chip to get abit more power :lmao: i wont pay mad prices for any of these as i dont got...
  11. Cars and Items Wanted
    Im looking for a passenger seat frame from a 4X4 Turbo. The car I boughts got a frame from the 16V but it doesnt fit right without the bolting plate, (nr gearbox tunnel) Thanks Mark
  12. Cars and Items Wanted
    Need conrods for Isuzu Y17dti 16v. or consider a decent engine,,,,, also any new rebuild items gaskets, bearings rings etc all std size...:doh:
  13. Cars and Items Wanted
    hi there lookin for a nova saloon,the older the better, for sale if anyone knows of one for sale or seen one on the internet for sale anywhere please let me know cheers adam
  14. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hi, I'm after 1x 4-stud 16" Vectra SRi twinspoke alloy, or a set if cheap-enough. Condition not overly important as long as chunks arent missing and they are straight. Dan :)
  15. Cars and Items Wanted
    I am looking for a prop shaft for a Cavalier Turbo 4x4. Ideally in good condition. If you have one for sale please contact me at [email protected] and if possible please include a picture or two. :) Thanks in advance.
  16. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hi guys, I'm after a set of Corsa B Flame Red Manual wing mirriors. Need to be original ones, and not painted. What you got? Regards, Dan :)
  17. Cars and Items Wanted
    WANTED: Flame Red Corsa GSi Arches Hi, managed to get hold of some GSi bumpers and skirts, so i just need the arches. Need to be flame red as respraying them will mismatch the colour due to the flame red fade. So also need to be in good condition. Regards, Dan :)
  18. Items For Sale
    Hello guys I'm new here, joined & became a member today :). I've recently purchased my first car, a 1992 Nova which had an argument with a French road barrier resulting in a smashed front wing, headlight and indicator. I can easily get my hands on a new pattern wing but was wondering if anyone...
  19. Cars and Items Wanted
    Hi, i'm after a set of 4 stud Vectra SRi Alloys preferably with low-profile tyres but not essential. Will possibly consider Cesaros. I live in Hampshire but will travel or arrange courier if it’s not too far. Regards, Dan :)
  20. Cars and Items Wanted
    Please delete, thanks. Hello all, Im looking for an Opel Manta 400 replica. Onto what id like: Must be a coupe. Must be 4oo kitted, nothing more, nothing less. Must be ideally red or white. Must be on the road, up and running. Ideally with an XE lump on carbs, but would consider standard...
1-20 of 26 Results